Trevor Fey Shares 5 Trade Secrets to Scale Your E-Commerce Business Effectively

Trevor Fey
Trevor Fey Shares 5 Trade Secrets to Scale Your E-Commerce Business Effectively

Starting an e-commerce business is one of the most exciting prospects currently, as it has taken over the traditional form of brick-and-mortar retailing. The digital world has entranced every entrepreneur, and it is no surprise that from young to established brands, all have made their presence felt in the digital space. Trevor Fey, the co-founder of Amz-Services, a service provider for Amazon sellers to grow exponentially and scale their accounts to six figures monthly, says, “It is easy to start an e-commerce brand. The challenge comes when you’ve established your brand and seek to scale up.” Fey shares his trade secrets on how he successfully scaled his e-commerce business, becoming one of the fastest-growing entrepreneurs in 2020:

Strong marketing campaign

Strategizing an effective marketing campaign is crucial when seeking growth optimization. Once the word-of-mouth marketing fades, it becomes essential to amp up the role of marketing to continue the momentum and stay relevant. Some of the strategies include focusing on building a strong social media presence, engaging with current and potential consumers, offering discounts, hosting webinars, creating a buzz, and bolstering your page to improve SEO and augmenting specific keywords to boost ranking on Google.
One highly effective strategy is to make your customers your brand ambassadors; by offering incentives for glowing recommendations and user experience reviews on your page.

Engage influencers

Influencers have gained immense popularity globally and play an important role in the marketing campaign. Partnering with an influencer offers direct access to your target audience and the potential to amplify sales. It is a cost-effective strategy as the collaboration invariably includes compelling content, high-quality leads, and strong engagement. Also, the efficacy of the campaign is highly measurable.

Outsource fulfillment

Fulfilling orders received from your clients yourself takes up valuable time and energy, which can be utilized to focus on scaling your e-commerce business. Hiring a fulfillment service company to take care of shipping the orders also helps save money on shipping costs.

Invest in automation

Invest in the software that matches your scalability, security concerns, and marketing requirements. Automating several of the tasks would leave you with time to focus on crucial aspects of scaling the business.

Customer support

Finally, prioritize the complaints received from current consumers and resolve them by having an efficient system as well as policies to deal with them satisfactorily. It is imperative to avoid negative consumer feedback and reviews appearing on social media platforms as it would dissuade potential consumers from purchasing the product or service.

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