Adil Qadri , An entrepreneur creating his own-niche in e-commerce industry

Adil Qadri

“If people are doubting how far you go, go so far that you can’t hear them anymore” this famous quote from Michele Ruiz holds true in the success story of Mr. Adil Qadri, an entrepreneur who has created his own success story through series of struggles.

Mr. Adil Qadri who was born in a family struggling to meet financial ends, had his own share of struggles and failures before  Adil- Qadri became a famous e-commerce brand that caters to a very unique segment of the market. It offers Islamic faith specific products like designer Islamic caps, Barkati Topi, and Islamic faith specific symbols. But what brought him immense success is , an exclusive range of non-alcohol based perfumes.

Mr. Adil Qadri who follows and understands the Islamic faith really well, knows that alcohol-based perfumes are prohibited in Islam. He also noticed that the long- established attars are losing their sheen in the perfume industry due to their sharp and traditional scent. The New generation is reluctant to use these perfumes. Understanding the huge demand in the market he decided to launch a range non-alcohol based range of perfumes under the umbrella of his own brand, which would have more contemporary fragrance. In 2019 he came up with fragrances Adilqadri Blue Ocean attar, Adil Qadri amazing signature attar, and AdilQadri Safwan attar. These perfumes became best-sellers on and brought huge profits to his firm.

Mr. Qadri is now eyeing on the Deodorant market as well. He is planning to launch non-alcohol based deodorants which will include both male and female fragrances. He is also planning to open 2 brand- specific stores in 2 of the metro cities. The launch of Adil Qadri Apparels is also in the pipeline. He has great plans for his business to take it to newer heights, with more focus on digital marketing and expanding the presence on various social media platforms.

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