Anne Hidalgo Mayor of Paris – “Paris est Charlie”

Credit: JB Gurliat / Paris City Hall
Credit: JB Gurliat / Paris City Hall
Credit: JB Gurliat / Paris City Hall
Credit: JB Gurliat / Paris City Hall

Paris Stands Strong in Aftermath of Murders

PARIS – Paris is standing strong in the aftermath of a deadly week. Parisians are taking to the streets to share their support for Freedom of Expression and to share their grief and outrage over the attacks in France against the journalists at Charlie Hebdo.

In tribute to Charlie Hebdo,  the message “Paris is Charlie” will be projected onto the Arc de Triomphe tonight and tomorrow.

A great republican march is organized Sunday, January 11 in Paris. The race will start in the Republic Square at 15h to reach the place of the Nation.

Today Charlie Hebdo was made an honorary citizen of Paris.

Photo Mayor's Office Paris
Photo Mayor’s Office Paris

Here is the speech delivered by Mayor Anne Hidalgo:

In circumstances of extreme gravity, met this morning to witness the sacred union of Parisians – sacred union to honor our dead, sacred union to defend our freedom and sacred union to ensure our safety.

I want to thank my fellow mayors in France and around the world who have expressed their affection and solidarity.
My first words are to the twelve men and women who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.
Frederick Franck Boisseau Brinsolaro Jean Cabu
Elsa Cayat
Stephane Charbonnier alias Charb Philippe Honoré
Bernard Maris alias Uncle Bernard Ahmed Merabet
Mustapha Ourrad Michel Renaud
Bernard Verlhac alias Tignous Georges Wolinski
These names are now part of the living memory of Paris.

Each of them is that of a man and a woman of peace and at the same time a partisan of freedom.

Each of them is that of a fallen hero by defending the deepest values and the most essential of our humanity.
Each of them finally is that of a son, a father, a brother of one or a friend, or a colleague.

It is with deep emotion that I address their families and their families the condolences of our assembly.

Standing strong in the face of attacks - Paris Mayor Anne
Standing strong in the face of attacks – Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo

Thinking of their dignity in the face of death – the death that does not dazzle the eyes of supporters, I propose that we observe a minute of silence.

I also think this morning to all those injured in the attack.

They can, with their families rely on the unwavering support of our city.

Paris is and will remain the city of freedom.

Renier freedom, it is for the people of Paris deny himself.

And freedom of the press is consubstantial with freedom itself.
That’s why Paris in mourning today told the whole world that freedom of the press and freedom of expression are sacred to him. Sacred as the lives of those who fought for it for centuries and especially sacred as the lives of journalists have fallen for embodied with intransigence.

This is to remind that absolute dedication, imprescriptible, unconditional freedom of the press that we make Charlie Hebdo an honorary citizen of our city.
This extremely high distinction, few attributed, is reserved for the most iconic defenders of human rights around the world. She rewarded huge resistance to dictatorship and barbarism.

By choosing to give it to Charlie Hebdo, Paris, our city grants a heroic newspaper due respect to the hero.

In the same spirit, the City Hall will host every year a large international festival open to cartoonists from around the world.
We will also organize an exhibition with drawings of murdered artists.

Finally, we will publish the beautiful Cabu contributions to our local newspaper.

We will be faithful to the cause that was both heart of Charlie Hebdo, for which Charlie Hebdo was hit right in the heart:
Freedom to create, to express, to controvert as close main peace. Secularism as the foundation of that freedom.

This is also a message for the teams of Charlie Hebdo: your website is live and will live because freedom and secularism need it and need you. Paris will help by subscribing to the 163 councilors who sit in this assembly.

I also want, in the presence of the prefect of police, to greet the police pay a heavy price in this historic assault.

To all the women and all men who keep us safe and protect our freedom, I wish solemnly tell the recognition and trust of Paris.

Everyone knows that the representatives of the State, especially those who wear uniforms, are targeted by fanatics.

I also have a thought for the municipal police murdered yesterday morning in Montrouge because she had the misfortune to represent the public authority. If I’m Charlie, I’m also a woman in uniform who exposes himself to protect its citizens.

You risk your lives for ours worth living. Parisians know. They respect you and support you for that.

I measured their solidarity and affection, especially among police officers of the eleventh arrondissement.

I also think that rescue teams are at work yesterday and are always ready for the worst. Doctors, firefighters, teams of AP-HP, knew EMS, Red Cross, Civil Protection, and the Order of Malta, you are also key players of our freedom.

We have more than ever need you just as we have more need than ever of independent journalists.

It is around this idea that the Council met today in Paris.

I thank the group presidents and each councilor for agreeing to speak so strongly that union which is that the Parisians.

This union is destined to last. No threats, no crime manage to make us deny or forget what brings us together. By being true to who we are that we will resist those hoping our divisions and denials to defeat us.

Beyond the Council of Paris, they are all agents of the city met to ensure the Parisians security and serenity that no one has the right to deprive.

We have taken steps to adapt to circumstances. In particular, we paid great attention to the safety of those who work on public space and the facilities open to the public. But even being vigilant we must continue to live together, and that’s what express our public services open in the crisis. On your behalf, I thank them.

Colleagues, in these tragic circumstances, I wish to recall that our freedom and our security are both inseparable and inalienable.

We must be uncompromising in the united defense of our liberty, but also in the solidarity organization of our security.

This solidarity and unity are the best answers we can address those who hate our freedom and hope to destroy it.

We will not accept amalgam.

We will fight for our differences are a strength. We will fight for secularism.

We will not back. We will never back down.

Long live freedom! Vive Paris! Long live the Republic and long live France.”

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