Dr Mohamed Derder Talks About His Struggles To Become A Plastic Surgeon In Paris

Dr Mohamed Derder
Dr Mohamed Derder

As the world constantly evolves, the demands of human beings are also changing. What was considered desires some years back have now become needs. Cosmetic surgery popularly known as plastic surgery has also become really popular in all these years as the physical appearance has gained more relevance among people. But plastic surgery isn’t performed to change someone’s looks according to their desire, it also helps someone who has recovered from a major accident or has survived a fatal disease like cancer.

Dr. Mohamed Derder based in Algeria is a Plastic Surgeon currently working in European Hospital Georges Pompidou in the department of Professor Laurent Lantieri. Derder has achieved a big name today as an aesthetic surgeon but it was not at all easy.

Mohamed Derder was 23 when he arrived in France back in 2003. He was already a graduate in general medicine and hence inquired about the different possibilities of doing a surgical speciality. He prepared for two and a half years for a very selective competition in which only one out of twenty candidates was admitted. “These were the most difficult years of my life,” he says and adds, “Between being alone without my family, the difficulties of accommodation and the obligation to stay focused on my exams, I really sacrificed years to work non-stop to achieve my objective.”

But hard work always pays off! “I succeeded in all my competitions, and being well ranked I was able to train in a surgical speciality in Paris,” adds Mohamed Derder.

Mohamed opted to become a plastic surgeon following the suggestion of his cousin who was also working in the same profession in Switzerland. “I obtained 8 higher education Diplomas during my training. I have travelled to the United States several times in order to improve my skills in cosmetic surgery,” he says.

Mohamed Derder loves his work and also talks about the kind of clients who come to meet him. “I love my job, it’s a very fashionable job, which is changing day by day and patients are more and more demanding, they like to feel beautiful, have self-confidence. The clients who come to see me are very varied, it can be the elderly woman who wants to rejuvenate and regain her face when she was younger or the patient who after childbirth wants to regain her figure before her pregnancies. Or a young patient who wants to modify part of her body to make it more feminine or more attractive or sometimes the desire to look like her idol (a star for example).” he says.

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