Marquis Robinson Used Skills from His Previous Career to Strengthen His Current Endeavors

Marquis Robinson
Marquis Robinson

Meet Marquis Robinson, a former middle school teacher who switched careers and built his wealth through real estate. A few years later, he now has built a successful real estate investing company, developed an innovative real estate investment software, and is now turning to the business education world as his next place to make a mark. Through his online school, the Wealth Forever University, Marquis has already been able to deliver successful deals for many new investors. It’s been through this avenue that he has been able to turn his own success into a sort of trickle-down success for others fortunate enough to have him as their mentor.

Robinson’s life as a hustler and a seller started when he was still just a kid in rural South Georgia. As a middle schooler, he was known for trying to land deals and sell candy, DragonBall Z cards, and different kinds of toys to the kids in his school and neighborhood. This enterprise of his repeatedly got him “punished” by his mom in the form of time he was forced to read business magazines as a way of making him do his least favorite activity, reading. This selling mindset may have come naturally, but it was the influence of his mother that drove him to further his education in business. After having majored in business and history at university, Robinson still felt that his career needed education to be optimally effective. As a younger investor, he spent $5,000 on a personal coach who brought him to a stronger understanding of what his business would be and how he could deliver the results that he wanted to see from his investments. A testament that everything happens for a reason, Robinson has been able to put his teaching skills to use even in his new career. Through his coaching, many students have achieved successful five-figure sales in only their first couple of deals, as his many satisfied students’ show in their testimonials and respective careers following their times as his clients. The techniques that he has been able to develop can help the average real estate investor avoid the many difficult decisions and mistakes that one makes while building their investment portfolio.

As he continues to build his business empire; his focus is still on giving back to his community. “I remember what it was like before I found my way out, I want to offer that to others.”  He’s successfully brought his notion of hope in the middle of what feels like a limiting environment into the Wealth Forever University and incorporated all the key components necessary to give today’s real estate investor a smooth transition into their first several deals.

To learn more about his course for potential real estate investors or to see the services his company Skyview Acquisitions provides, you can follow him on Instagram at Wealth_Forever.

You can also go directly to his company website at

Also, check out his course on real estate investing and see if this is the course for you in your next few steps as an entrepreneur at the Wholesale Mastery Course.

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