For those resonating with the crowd who, in the wake of the Covid pandemic, leaned into their own creative inclinations launching a slew of new business ventures, setting your brand or your product aside from the rest can prove to be a difficult task at hand. Once people became accustomed to time spent in self-isolation during lockdown, applications for business start ups rose at an increasingly fast rate. By July 2020 applications hit an all-time peak. Furthermore, for every month between August 2020 and April 2021, the gross total was higher than any of the months between 2004 and the onset of the pandemic. For many, starting a new venture became based in the podcast industry – a profession steadily garnering traffic in the years prior. Podcast Insights has reported that there are currently over 2 million active podcasts with over 48 million episodes. This is a staggering statistic given that in as recent as 2018 there were only 500 000 active podcasts. In a world where everyone is trying to deck out their brand to suit their individuality, it can be easy to be drowned out due to the sheer number of others searching for all the same things. While many rose to the challenge of trying to market their podcast as unique from others, others lacked resources to utilize for themselves.


    Cue in Travis Chappell. Not only is Chappell a podcast veteran ringing in a voluptuous total of 2 million downloads per his show Build Your Network, he’s also recently peppered his resume with the launch of Guestio. The marketplace is focused on connecting show hosts with potential guests that can be booked in one easy swoop in a network based environment. The app also prioritizes bringing in well deserved revenue for show hosts as they make a name for themselves and craft an audience base. Chappell’s mission statement is to “access the inaccessible” which has, inevitably, breathed life into the birth of Guestio as it is the only solution of its kind. When one browses through Chappell’s 46.5K following instagram account, they will quickly find he is an entrepreneur who is not only talking the talk but walking the walk as well. From his personal experience networking and taking action to produce results, he has culminated an impressive roster of guests ranging from Shaq, Rob Dyrdek, Matt Barnes, Tomi Lahren, etc. Therefore it’s quite plain to see why utilizing a software directly developed by him would be beneficial for anyone’s podcast building. Chappell has used the mantra of taking action to build not only a brand he is rooted by but also a loyal fanbase tuning into each and every show he puts out. Chappell states that “Action alleviates anxiety and provides clarity. When in doubt, take action. Yes, you’ll fail…probably a lot. But successful people take action anyway, then they adjust, gain clarity, and take more action. Don’t be afraid of failure. Expect it, and take action anyway.” This resounding advice can be adapted into any business module one could dream up, and once more, the evidence is clear when peering into any facet of Chappell’s life. Though in addition to urging newcomers to push aside any fear and just step forward into action, he also makes it clear that how you think is vital: “Mindset is everything. Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re right. It all starts in your mind. This is why networking is so important.”


    As well as giving show hosts the opportunity to put into practice the gusto and discipline for building their brands, Guestio’s platform also makes space for the ability to network with others in the industry of podcast building. Another firm stance Chappell takes in his content is the value of building relationships and utilizing them to propel yourself further. He expresses that “I’m passionate about relationships and people. Everything I take on serves that purpose in some way.” His lifestyle has been conjured up by being able to monetize the authentic connections he’s built with not only the guests he interviews on his show but also with his audience. By successfully crafting Guestio to cater to the financial, exponential, as well as relational aspects of podcast building, Chappell has given up-and-comer show hosts nearly everything they need to properly cultivate a thriving brand that can double as an authentic lifestyle. All one needs to do is take action and be prepared to keep going until they are satisfied with their results.



    Instagram: @travischappell

    Twitter: @traviscchappell


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