Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce at Ontario Chamber

Chamber of Commerce

Chamber of CommerceTHUNDER BAY – BUSINESS – This past weekend, representatives of the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce attended a very productive meeting of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) membership in Sault Ste Marie. Thunder Bay delegates were successful in having the following three resolutions adopted as OCC policy:

Improving Provincial Payment Times

Numerous local businesses have indicated that they are facing significant delays in receiving payments from provincial government departments for services rendered. Our resolution urges the Government of Ontario to pay invoices received within 30 days, or where not possible provide a 25% advance payment of the invoice total.

Increasing Value and Spurring Innovation through Public Sector Procurement in Transportation
This resolution urges the Government of Ontario to implement procurement policies that accord a ten percent preference to Canadian value-added activity on transportation and transit projects that are not subject to international trade agreement limitations.

Energy as a Development Tool

This multi-faceted joint-resolution encourages the Government of Ontario to use energy as a development tool by: encouraging a reliable, modern and efficient supply of energy; reducing prices for energy intensive sectors; encouraging non-traditional energy sources; and developing an energy strategy that supports economic development.

Chamber President Charla Robinson commented, “We are pleased to have these important policies discussed and adopted at the Ontario Chamber and look forward to working with OCC to have these solutions implemented by the new Ontario Government.”