5 Benefits of Using an FSA for a Massage Gun


As the desire to find a convenient yet powerful means of loosening up tight, aching muscles has surged, so too has the appeal of massage guns. These handheld devices provide a percussive therapy that assists in muscle recovery and relaxation. However, an added benefit that may be surprising to some is that purchasing a massage gun is incredibly conducive to an FSA, or Flexible Spending Account!

Tax Savings & Cost Impact

Buying a massage gun with an FSA is more cost-effective for 2 of the best reasons and could save you a whole lot on taxes. An FSA is a pre-tax account that individuals can deposit money from their paychecks into to use for eligible medical expenses, like a massage gun. Those who do will effectively reduce their taxable income (using pre-tax dollars) and by extension owe less in taxes per year. This means that by purchasing a massage gun you will be saving money, and it becomes a lower investment in personal health.

Massage gun FSA eligible that are on the market meet guidelines set by the IRS explaining massage guns and massage equipment as medical devices, instead of general over-the-counter devices and supplies. This also means that, when you’re paying for a massage gun with your FSA dollars, you’re investing in a good quality product designed to be an eligible product to combat health-related issues like muscle pain and muscle tension. These tools are usually guaranteed for a time and have client care, so you’ll feel secure in how well they work and what a long future they have.

Convenient Purchase

Using an FSA to purchase a massage gun is easy and convenient. Most online retailers, as well as medical supply stores, either take FSA cards or will reimburse you for FSA-eligible purchases. This easy one-step process removes the hassle of complex reimbursement procedures, enabling you to purchase the device as soon as possible. In addition, as massage guns gain greater recognition for their therapeutic uses, they also are increasingly carried on the shelves of retailers as FSA-eligible products, allowing for more choice and consumer accessibility.

Complete Health Benefits

As mentioned above, massage guns provide more benefits than just regular relaxation. Any device can reduce muscle pain, blood circulation, and even athlete performance as well by giving faster recovery. Using an FSA to invest in a massage gun means they can take control of their physical health, and potentially save money on other medical interventions. Integrating a massage gun into your routine will help not only with injury prevention but also as part of long-term health maintenance.

Flexibility and Personalization

FSAs are valuable because of the flexibility they offer in how they are spent, allowing individuals to target the health areas that are most important to them. If you are healing from a sports injury, suffering from chronic pain, or simply trying to improve your health and well-being, a massage gun eligible through an FSA can be selected so that it aligns with your individual health needs and goals.

An FSA could be the answer to your massage gun purchasing dilemma, saving you not only on taxes but money in the long run while giving you easy access to quality healthcare products.

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