Jinko Solar Beaming as 2,000-Volt Modules Achieve UL Certification

Solar panels on the rooftop of a building in Brooklyn are connected to startup LO3 Energy’s TransActive Grid in this undated picture. Photo courtesy of LO3 Energy/Handout via Thomson Reuters Foundation
Solar panels on the rooftop of a building in Brooklyn are connected to startup LO3 Energy’s TransActive Grid in this undated picture. Photo courtesy of LO3 Energy/Handout via Thomson Reuters Foundation

As the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of solar panels and storage solutions, Jinko Solar always seeks to fulfill its vision of setting the standard for trustworthiness, performance, and industry safety. Recently, the company announced that its 2,000-volt EAGLE modules were the first 2,000-volt modules to be UL Certified as UL 61730-1 and UL 61730-2 listed products and IEC 61215-1, IEC 61215-2 and IEC 61215-1-1 classified products. Here’s an overview of this certification and what this world-first achievement means for the company and its products.

UL Certification

Underwriters Laboratories is a nationally recognized testing laboratory that conducts safety, performance, and reliability testing on solar products to ensure that they meet local and federal standards. UL certification comes in three forms: UL Listed, UL Classified, and UL Recognized.

Jinko Solar’s 2,000-volt modules have been UL listed and UL classified, meaning that they’ve undergone a full evaluation to meet Underwriters Laboratories’ standards for safety and have been subjected to additional testing that ensures standards of performance.

As Jinko Solar’s highest voltage offering, this UL evaluation was more stringent than the company’s past evaluations. It indicates that its modules have a low risk of failures like electric breakdown, electric leakage, electric arc, electric shock, and fire. This certification also signifies the product’s adherence to long-term safety and performance within extreme environments like heavy snow, high wind, and desert conditions.

“We are always pleased to collaborate with industry innovators and technology leaders such as Jinko Solar,” said Colleen O’Brien, principal engineer of UL Solutions. “UL Solutions is dedicated to elevating industry competitiveness through the exploration of cutting-edge technologies while prioritizing safety in their application.”

Following this accomplishment, the 2,000-volt EAGLE modules will be selectively deployed throughout the U.S. in the third quarter of 2024 and fully marketed in 2025. Designed for utility-scale projects, the 2,000-volt series increases a solar array’s string length, reducing the overall cost of a system and improving end-to-end efficiency.

With the company’s $50 million research and development facility in Penang, Malaysia constantly developing new ways to enhance the capabilities of its N-Type TOPCon modules, this certification represents yet another example of Jinko leading the industry in safety and performance innovation.

“UL Solutions is synonymous with product safety and certification, so working with UL Solutions to achieve this 2,000-volt milestone was a natural choice,” said Nigel Cockroft, general manager of Jinko Solar (U.S.). “Jinko Solar’s expertise lies not just in advanced R&D but also in bringing those technologies to scale and making them available cost-competitively to our U.S. customers. We look forward to the 2,000-volt EAGLE Modules making a tangible difference to our customers’ bottom lines.”

Jinko Solar’s Shining Industry Innovation

While Jinko gears up for the upcoming release of its 2,000-volt modules, the company has maintained its spirit of innovation with other recent announcements. Earlier this year, Jinko made history when it unveiled Neo Green panels produced with renewable energy in specific factories recognized for zero-carbon operations.

“Our biggest impact on the environment will always come from providing customers with sustainable products and solutions that accelerate a greener future, reflecting the shared values of our customers, partners, and investors,” commented Jinko Solar’s Vice President Dany Qian on the product’s release.

These panels boast an initial capacity of 5 gigawatts and bring the company one step closer to achieving its goal of operating with net-zero emissions by 2050.

The company’s perovskite tandem solar cells have also recently set a new record for solar cell conversion efficiency at 33.24%. This marks Jinko’s 26th time breaking the efficiency record, a testament to its persistent commitment to sustainable innovation and research and development.

“This milestone breakthrough once again highlights Jinko Solar’s determination to continuously push the boundaries through strong technological innovation capabilities. It also lays a solid technical foundation for the company’s continuous development,” said Jin Hao, Ph.D, Jinko’s chief technology officer. “We believe that, as we continue to deepen our scientific research and technology, we will contribute to building a greener and more sustainable new energy structure.”

As Jinko Solar works to optimize the global energy portfolio and enable a sustainable future, its constant innovation and leading safety standards continue to aid its influence.

The Power of Certification

With the global transition to renewable energy fueling industry-wide growth and competition, certifications such as Underwriters Laboratories provide a company with credibility and consumer confidence that can drive sales.

In Jinko Solar’s quest to be the most trusted supplier of solar power and storage solutions in North America, this certification furthers the company’s adherence to impeccable standards of risk prevention and safety, which already includes the incorporation of safety measures into multiple components of its products and the performance of over 270 internal tests.

Recently, the company was recognized as a Tier 1 energy storage provider by Bloomberg New Energy Finance for the outstanding safety and performance of its products.

“We have always been committed to providing safe and reliable energy storage solutions and are highly valued by customers for timely delivery and effective deployment capabilities. Our system undergoes rigorous selection, optimal design, and precision manufacturing, resulting in outstanding cycle life and reliability,” said Qian regarding the achievement.

As Jinko Solar maintains its strict safety standards and continues to push industry-leading developments in efficient and sustainable innovation, the consumer has taken notice. In the first quarter of 2024, Jinko shipped 19.99 gigawatts of modules, representing a 53.3% year-over-year increase and ranking the company first in the industry.

With the imminent introduction of its 2,000-volt modules to the market, it’s safe to assume that the company can expect to experience continued growth into the future.

“We strongly believe that solar+storage will become the major model for future growth in electricity generation and are confident we will continue to lead the industry with advanced technologies and premium high-efficiency products,” Xiande Li, Jinko Solar’s chairman and CEO, said in 2024’s Q1 financial report.

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