Jinko Solar’s Vision: Beyond Manufacturing to Building Stronger Communities

Jinko Solar

As the world-leading supplier and manufacturer of solar panels and storage solutions, Jinko Solar is committed to its vision of becoming the most trusted solar company on Earth. It’s dedicated itself to empowering local communities in order to achieve this goal. Known for embracing an environmental, social, and governance framework, Jinko Solar continues to usher in a brighter and greener future for communities around the globe with its innovative, sustainable, and philanthropic support. Here’s a look at some of the actions that Jinko Solar has undertaken to further its powerful mission in support of local communities.

IRENA Coalition for Action

In 2023, Jinko Solar became a member of the International Renewable Energy Agency Coalition for Action, a network of renewable energy leaders that acts as a global authority for the industry, working to drive renewable energy development and the global energy transition.

As a member of IRENA, Jinko Solar supports the coalition’s focus on driving community renewable energy investments and enabling community engagement in energy decision-making.

“We are very proud to become a member of the IRENA Coalition,” Dany Qian, Jinko Solar vice president, said. “We believe this will unlock broader opportunities for our development and make a positive contribution to the sustainable advancement of renewable energy globally.”

Combating Energy Insecurity

With an estimated 1.2 billion people worldwide facing energy poverty and grid instability, Jinko Solar recognizes renewable energy’s ability to transform communities and has taken considerable steps in combating global energy insecurity.

In July 2023, Jinko Solar donated 25 megawatts of solar panels to the Central African Republic in support of the Light Up Africa initiative, which is focused on providing renewable, off-grid energy to African communities in need. 

With the World Bank reporting that only 16% of the country’s population has access to electricity, Jinko Solar’s donation provides the Central African Republic with highly efficient renewable energy to assist in powering half of its population by 2030.

“We are proud to support the World Bank’s Light Up Africa initiative and provide reliable, clean energy solutions to Central African Republic,” said Jaffer Wang, general manager of Jinko Solar sub-Sahara Africa. “Through this project, Jinko Solar demonstrates the outstanding capabilities of Chinese manufacturing in the global [photovoltaic] industry. This project exemplifies our commitment to empowering communities with sustainable energy and driving the global transition toward a greener future.”

United Nations Global Compact

As a member of the UN Global Compact — an initiative promoting corporate sustainability and social responsibility — Jinko Solar is committed to providing sustainable and equitable employment for the local communities that underpin the company’s operations. 

“Equality and responsibility are our core values. We share in the responsibility to create a positive culture and to safeguard equality, diversity, inclusion, dignity, and respect for all. And this has been the pillars of our foundation and successful global presence — with 25,000 employees including nearly 7,000 overseas, 12 global production bases, 35 sales and service centers worldwide with 80% of local employees, a network serving global customers, and delivering products to more than 160 countries,” said Jinko Solar’s CEO Kangpin Chen in a press release about the compact.

As Jinko Solar continues to lead the solar industry with its impressive 107.9% year-over-year growth, the company will only continue to provide more job opportunities in the future. 

In addition to maintaining high-level dialogue with the U.N. Global Compact, Jinko Solar was recently invited to participate in the United Nations COP28 Climate Conference. With “Partnership Promotes Progress” as COP28’s motto, Jinko Solar delivered a powerful keynote speech — “Solar Is All, Solar Is for All” — about the importance of an equitable and affordable renewable energy transition.

Aiding Through Natural Disasters

As worsening climate change continues to exacerbate grid instability and blackouts, Jinko Solar is helping in more ways than one. Not only do Jinko Solar’s storage systems provide enough energy to power through a blackout, but the company has also stepped up during disasters to leverage its global reach into beneficial aid.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Jinko Solar donated 1 million masks to severely affected countries with the help of local governments and the Red Cross. In 2022, when Typhoon Rai devastated the Philippines and became the country’s second costliest typhoon ever, Jinko Solar donated 500 kilowatt peak solar panels to the Philippine Red Cross to help local communities restore electricity. 

This donation is expected to save the community $171,912 over the solar system’s 25-year life span and supports Jinko Solar’s “photovoltaic public welfare” model.

Community Engagement     

With over 80% of Jinko Solar’s employee base working locally, the company considers itself a part of the regional society and goes above and beyond to invest in the community. In China’s Sichuan Province — home to the company’s zero-emissions wafer factory — Jinko Solar has donated nearly $30,000 to provide solar street lights, desktop computers, and industrial development. The company has also sponsored several sporting activities for the province, including the 10th Paralympic Games and the 5th Special Olympics.

In 2019, a nearly $3 million investment from Jinko Solar came to fruition when the Hengfeng County Qingmiao Experimental Primary School opened its doors to 1,200 students for a six-year primary compulsory education. As of today, the school is ranked No. 1 in the county for quality and number of outstanding students.

Jinko Solar also offers its employees an opportunity to give back as the company routinely engages in volunteer solar installations through its philanthropic partnership with Grid Alternatives, a nonprofit organization providing solar installations and related job training for underserved communities. 

In an era of omnipresent energy uncertainty, Jinko Solar is proving that a focus on the community and environmental, social, and governance is the right direction for the solar industry. As Qian puts it, “The company’s culture and day-to-day operations are guided by the principles of equity, responsibility, progress, and creativity.

“We aim to empower global industries and organizations to make the best use of solar power and to do well in business by doing good through commitments in social responsibility.”

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