Elektra Unie expanding workforce to Belgium and Germany

    Elektra Unie expanding workforce to Belgium and Germany

    The Dutch Solar Panel installation company Elektra Unie announced the opening new offices in Belgium (Antwerp and Gent) and Germany (Cologne and Berlin).

    The solar energy market is expanding rapidly in Europe, and with an expanding team of installers across the three bordering countries, Elektraunie chose an aggressive expansion across the continent. Elektra Unie will initially send its current installers across the border to train local electricians and roof deckers to install solar panels. Initially, the Dutch installers will start installing locally while educating the local teams.

    The chances of success for entering Germany and Belgium as a solar installation company depend on various factors, such as the market’s competitiveness, the demand for solar installations and the regulatory environment.

    Germany and Belgium are known for being leaders in renewable energy. The governments have both set ambitious targets for increasing the use of solar power, making it a logical choice for expansion. Both countries have high and increasing demands for solar panels, heat pumps and home battery installations.

    However, the market for solar installations in Belgium and Germany is also quite competitive, with many established companies already operating in the space. To succeed, Elektra Unie decided to differentiate in the market by competing with the competition by offering high-quality services at a competitive price. The pricing strategy is based on using one single purchasing channel for all countries to get competitive prices for high-quality materials. Also, the experienced installers make the installation quick and effective, reducing the overall price per project.

    Overall, while there are challenges to market expansion, as a solar installation company, Elektra Unie has the potential for success.





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