Greater Sudbury Weather: Warm Days Ahead

Weather Outlook Pine Trees and Blue Sky

Current Conditions


As of 6:00 AM EDT on Saturday, June 15, 2024, Greater Sudbury is enjoying clear and sunny conditions with a temperature of 5°C, as observed at Greater Sudbury Airport. The wind is coming from the north-northeast at 5 km/h, and the barometric pressure is 102.3 kPa and rising. Humidity is high at 93%, and visibility is 32 km.

Detailed Forecast

Saturday, June 15

Today, Sudbury will experience sunny skies with hot and humid conditions expected later in the day. The high temperature will reach 21°C, and the UV index will be very high at 8. Residents are advised to stay hydrated and watch out for signs of heat-related illnesses such as heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

Night: Clear skies will continue into the night, with a low of 10°C.

Sunday, June 16

Cloudiness will increase early in the morning, with a 60% chance of showers in the afternoon. There is also a risk of thunderstorms. Winds will shift to the south at 20 km/h, gusting to 40 km/h. The high temperature will be 19°C, with a UV index of 6.

Night: The evening will be cloudy with a 60% chance of showers and a low of 16°C.

Monday, June 17

Sunny skies will return with a high of 30°C, making for a hot day.

Night: Cloudy periods will dominate with a 60% chance of showers and a low of 19°C.

Historical Weather Data

On June 15, the historical average high is 21.9°C, and the average low is 10.3°C. The highest temperature recorded on this date was 30.9°C in 2001, and the lowest was 3.3°C in 1958. The greatest precipitation recorded was 27.0 mm in 2002​ (Environment Canada)​​ (Environment Canada)​.

Wardrobe Suggestions

Given the forecast, it’s advisable to dress in light, breathable clothing to stay comfortable in the warm temperatures. Sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen are essential to protect against the high UV index. For the evenings, a light jacket might be needed as temperatures drop.

Weather Trivia

Did you know? Sudbury’s summer weather can range from comfortably warm to extremely hot. The city’s diverse climate can see temperatures soaring above 30°C in the summer, a sharp contrast to its cold, snowy winters.

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