Toronto Weather: Hot and Sunny Weekend Ahead

Toronto Home of Team Canada
Toronto Home of Team Canada

Current Conditions


As of 6:00 AM EDT on Saturday, June 15, 2024, Toronto is enjoying clear and sunny conditions with a temperature of 13°C, as observed at Toronto Pearson International Airport. The wind is from the north at 21 km/h, and the barometric pressure is 102.0 kPa and rising. Humidity stands at 84%, and visibility is excellent at 24 km.

Detailed Forecast

Saturday, June 15

Toronto will experience hot and humid conditions throughout the day. The weather will remain sunny, with the wind from the north at 20 km/h, becoming light in the morning. The high temperature is expected to reach 21°C, with a UV index of 8, indicating very high levels of ultraviolet radiation.

Night: The night will be clear initially, becoming partly cloudy overnight with a low of 12°C.

Sunday, June 16

The day will start with clear skies, but cloudiness will increase early in the morning. There is a 30% chance of showers in the afternoon. Winds will shift to the east at 20 km/h in the morning. The high temperature will be 22°C, except for areas near Lake Ontario, where it will be around 17°C. The UV index will be very high at 9.

Night: Cloudy periods are expected with a 30% chance of showers and a low of 18°C.

Monday, June 17

The forecast for Monday is sunny with a high of 32°C, making it a very warm day.

Night: The night will remain clear with a low of 22°C.

Historical Weather Data

On June 15, the historical average high is 23.7°C, and the average low is 11.9°C. The highest temperature recorded on this date was 33.6°C in 1991, and the lowest was 5.4°C in 1985. The greatest precipitation recorded was 22.9 mm in 1974​ (Environment Canada)​​ (Environment Canada)​​ (Environment Canada)​.

Wardrobe Suggestions

Given the hot and sunny forecast, it’s advisable to wear light, breathable clothing to stay comfortable. Don’t forget sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen to protect against the high UV index. A light jacket may be useful for cooler evening temperatures.

Weather Trivia

Did you know? Toronto’s summer weather can often reach high temperatures, making it one of the warmer Canadian cities. The Great Lakes play a significant role in moderating the temperature, but also contribute to the humidity levels, making for sometimes muggy summer days.

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