Weather Vermilion Bay and Dryden: A Glimpse of Sunshine Amidst Overcast Skies


Vermilion Bay and Dryden – WEATHER – The day has brought with it clouds, but fret not, for a slice of sunlight is headed our way. Here’s a breakdown of the weather over the next couple of days:

Today’s Forecast:

  • Morning: The day might have started on a cloudy note, but expect things to brighten up as the day progresses. Those mysterious fog patches that have been lingering are set to disappear by late morning.
  • Afternoon: Clouds will play hide and seek with the sun, giving us a mix of sun and cloud. It’s a great opportunity to get outdoors and soak in a bit of that sun when it peeks out. The mercury will hit a comfortable high of 12°C, accompanied by a UV index of 2, which is on the lower side.

Tonight’s Overview:

  • As the day turns into night, the skies will display a partly cloudy tableau. But, as the clock nears midnight, the clouds will consolidate their presence, giving us a fully cloudy sky. A moderate temperature of +5°C ensures that it’s neither too chilly nor too warm.

Peering into Friday:

  • Friday seems to have decided to wear its cloudy attire all day long. And to add to the mix, a few showers are predicted to roll in by the afternoon. So, if you have outdoor plans, you might want to keep that umbrella close by! Temperature-wise, we’re looking at a high of 10°C, which will feel cooler when the showers hit. The UV index remains on the low end at 1.
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