Fort Frances: Fog Advisory Alert and Weather Update

Weather Alert
Weather Alert

Fort Frances residents! Please take note of the current advisory

🌫 Fog Advisory as of 6:46 AM EDT Thursday, 19 October 2023 🌫

  • Situation: Dense fog has enveloped the area early this morning. This has significantly reduced visibility to near zero in places.
  • Impact: Travel could be risky as visibility might suddenly drop to near zero without warning. Such low visibility situations are hazardous for both pedestrians and drivers.
  • Duration: While the fog is dense now, there’s good news. Expectations are that it will lift later this morning, restoring normal visibility.

If you need to be out and about, please exercise extreme caution. Ensure your vehicle’s fog lights are operational, and pedestrians should wear reflective or light-colored clothing.

Today’s Weather Brief:

  • Morning: Cloudy skies dominate the horizon. The fog should dissipate later in the morning, offering better visibility.
  • Afternoon: A 60% chance of showers will keep things moist, so keep an umbrella or raincoat handy. The temperature will peak at a moderate 13°C. The UV index is rated low at 2, but it’s always wise to wear some sun protection during brighter periods.

Tonight’s Sky:

  • A partly cloudy evening awaits. However, clouds will gather strength as midnight approaches. To add to the mysterious aura, fog patches are expected to develop overnight. The mercury will dip slightly, settling at a low of +3°C.

A Peek into Friday:

  • Morning: A cloudy start to the day, with fog patches that should clear up as morning progresses.
  • Afternoon: The cloud cover continues, and there’s a 70% chance of showers late in the afternoon. It might be wise to keep rain gear close by! Temperatures will hover around 13°C, with a UV index at a low of 1.
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