Thunder Bay Weather: Starting at +8 Heading to +11 with Clouds

Weather Update Spring 2022

Thunder Bay – WEATHER – It is not feeling late October this morning. Here’s what the weather has in store for us:


  • Current Conditions: The city’s waking up to a mild +8°C. The skies above are cloudy, setting a gentle tone for the morning.
  • Visibility: Those fog patches might obscure your morning view, but they’re expected to clear up as the day progresses.
  • Rain Chance: There’s a 40% chance of showers later in the morning and into the afternoon. A light sprinkle might just be in the offing, so maybe pack that umbrella or rain jacket if you’re venturing out.
  • Temperature: The day’s expected to peak at a cool 11°C.
  • UV Index: It stands at a low 2. Though it’s on the lower side, consider some light sun protection if you’ll be outdoors for extended periods.


  • The sky will part ways with the clouds for a bit, giving way to a partly cloudy night.
  • It’s going to be a chilly one! Expect temperatures to drop down to zero, so you might want to snuggle up in some warm blankets.

Friday’s Forecast:

  • Tomorrow looks promising! The sun will play peek-a-boo behind the clouds, offering a mix of sun and cloud throughout the day.
  • Temperatures are expected to rise, hitting a high of 13°C. A pleasant day ahead!
  • The UV index continues to stay at 2, marking another day of low UV exposure.

Whether you’re planning a day in, or have errands to run, it’s always good to be prepared. Stay warm and take care, Thunder Bay!

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