Vermilion Bay and Dryden Experiencing Nice Spring Sunshine for Wednesday

Vermilion Bay
Vermilion Bay Ontario

Dryden – Weather – Get set for two really nice spring days in Vermilion Bay and Dryden. Our see-saw weather continues with a few warm days followed by cooler days. Same weather pattern that we had all winter too.

A bright and sunny morning greets residents of Vermilion Bay and Dryden today, despite the temperature sitting at a crisp -5.2°C.

Observed from Dryden Airport at 6:00 AM CDT, the weather promises clear skies with a gradual warming throughout the day.

Let’s examine the specifics of what Wednesday and the upcoming days hold for our communities.

Today’s Weather Overview

Current Conditions: Currently, it’s -5.2°C with a dew point of -10.6°C, indicating dry air. The humidity is at a moderate 66%. An east-northeast wind blows gently at 8 km/h, creating a wind chill of -9°C, making the air feel colder than it is.

Visibility is somewhat limited at 16 km due to the brightness of the early morning sun. The barometric pressure is steady at 102.6 kPa.

Expected Conditions: Today will remain sunny, with winds expected to reach up to 15 km/h. The day’s high is forecasted to be a comfortable 11°C, although the morning will still carry a wind chill of -8°C. The UV index for today is moderate at 5.

Tonight, the clear skies will continue, and the temperature will drop to -2°C. The light wind will make the evening feel slightly chillier but still relatively mild for this time of year.

For Thursday, April 25, another sunny day awaits, with similar light winds and an impressive high of 17°C, making it one of the warmer days of the week.

The morning will start off a bit chilly with a wind chill of -6°C. The UV index will remain moderate at 5. Nighttime will bring cloudy periods and a 40% chance of showers, with a low of +4°C.

Friday, April 26, will see a mix of sun and cloud with a 40% chance of showers throughout the day. Temperatures will be high at 14°C. The night will become cloudier, with a 60% chance of rain and a low of 6°C.

Wardrobe Recommendations

For today, a light jacket or a windbreaker will be sufficient to manage the chill, especially as the day warms up. Sunglasses are recommended to deal with the glare from the sunny skies. Transitioning into the evening and the next days, keep a raincoat handy as showers might pop up.

Weather Trivia

Did you know? Dryden and Vermilion Bay are known for experiencing rapid weather changes in spring, which can challenge even the most seasoned locals with sudden shifts from sunny to rainy conditions within a single day.

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