Thunder Bay Weather Outlook for Wednesday: Chilly Day with a High of +4 Expected

Situational Awareness

Thunder Bay – Weather – If you were planning a day of sitting outside and tanning to collect some natural vitamin d, today likely isn’t that day. From a chilly start of -7 the day will only see a forecast high of +4.

This Wednesday morning, Thunder Bay residents are waking up to a sunny but chilly atmosphere as temperatures stand at -6.6°C, observed from Thunder Bay Airport at 7:00 AM EDT. With a clear sky and a gentle north-northeast breeze, the day promises gradual warming despite the brisk start.

Today’s Weather Overview

Current Conditions: The current temperature feels colder than it is, showing a wind chill of -11°C due to a north-northeast wind blowing at 9 km/h. The air is relatively dry with a dew point of -11.4°C, and humidity stands at 69%. The visibility is excellent at 32 km, thanks to the clear skies. The pressure is robust at 102.8 kPa and continues to rise, suggesting stable weather conditions for the day.

Weather Forecast Through Friday

Expected Conditions: Today, Thunder Bay will enjoy sunny skies throughout the day with light winds up to 15 km/h. The high will reach 4°C, but the morning will maintain a chilly feel with a wind chill of -10°C. The UV index is moderate at 5, indicating a need for sunscreen if spending prolonged periods outdoors.

Tonight, the clear conditions will persist, and the wind will remain gentle. Temperatures will dip to -8°C, with an overnight wind chill reaching -11°C.

For Thursday, April 25, the sunshine continues with similar wind conditions and a warmer afternoon high of 10°C, although the morning will still start with a wind chill of -10°C. The UV index will again be moderate at 5. The night will remain clear but less chilly with a low of -1°C.

On Friday, April 26, the weather will shift slightly, featuring a mix of sun and cloud with a 30% chance of showers. The temperature will be steady at a high of 10°C. The evening will bring periods of rain with a milder low of 5°C.

Wardrobe Recommendations

With a cold start to the day, residents should dress warmly in layers, including a hat and gloves to manage the morning wind chill. As the day progresses and temperatures rise slightly, lighter layers may become more comfortable. Always carry sunglasses during the sunny hours.

Weather Trivia

Did you know? Thunder Bay has a historical reputation for swift weather changes due to its location near Lake Superior, often leading to unexpected temperature shifts and rapid cloud movement.

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