Kenora Weather Fog Advisory Issued: A Cloaked Morning With Mysterious Mists

Fog Advisory

Kenora  – WEATHER – If you’ve peeked outside this morning, you’ve likely been greeted by a dense curtain of fog. A Fog Advisory is currently in effect, and here’s what you need to know:

Today’s Forecast:

  • Morning: The predominant theme is fog, fog, and more fog! This has drastically reduced visibility, in many cases to near zero, creating potentially hazardous conditions for commuters. It’s imperative to use headlights, reduce speed, and maintain an adequate distance from the vehicle in front if you’re on the roads.
  • Late Morning: As we inch towards mid-day, the fog will begin to lift, dissipating and revealing the world beyond. A hint of sun might try to break through the thick clouds overhead, but it’s set to remain a predominantly overcast day.
  • Afternoon: There’s a 30% chance we’ll experience some showers later on, so having an umbrella close by might be a wise choice. Temperatures will climb to a moderate high of 13°C, with the UV index clocking in at a low 2.

Tonight’s Narrative

The clouds are set to remain, with a 30% likelihood of showers both in the evening and after midnight. For those venturing out late, be wary of fog patches developing once again, which could hinder visibility. A cool night awaits, with temperatures settling at around +4°C.

Looking Ahead to Friday

Tomorrow promises a grey canvas overhead. We’re looking at a mostly cloudy day with periods of rain starting late in the morning. If you enjoyed today’s foggy spectacle, it’ll make a brief encore tomorrow morning before dissipating. The temperature will peak at a slightly cooler 12°C, with the UV index being a minimal 1.

Safety Tip:

If you’re planning to be on the road in these foggy conditions, ensure your vehicle’s fog lights are working and always use low-beam headlights. High beams can reflect off the fog, making visibility even worse.

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