Fort Frances Weather Fables: Sun, Smokes, & Sneaky Sprinkles!

Weather Outlook Pine Trees and Blue Sky

Today’s Tale: Sunshine with a Smoky Sidekick

Heads up, Fort Frances! While the sun’s all geared up to dazzle us with its golden glow, there’s a smoky sidekick trying to steal the limelight. But fret not, the south wind’s got our backs, sweeping in at 20 km/h and giving us those occasional gusty feels at 40 km/h. Temperature-wise, things are heating up with a high of 26°C. Add the Humidex to the mix and you might feel it nudging 28°C. And as for our UV enthusiasts, today’s UV index is sporting a flashy 7. So, sunscreen up!

Tonight’s Narrative: From Clear to Cloudy with a Sprinkle Tease

As evening descends, we’re treated to a pristine, star-studded sky, but hang on to your hats, folks! The clouds are planning a little cameo after midnight. Oh, and they’re flirting with a 30% chance of some nocturnal drizzles. The smoky ambiance from the day is making an exit early on, and the southern breezes are dialing it down to a whisper by evening. Snuggle alert: tonight’s going to be comfy with lows around 17°C.

Saturday’s Saga: Sun-Cloud Tango and Windy Whirls

Saturday’s shaping up to be quite the dance. Starting with a sun-cloud tango and a 30% drizzle drizzle, we then transition to an all-out sun fiesta! But hold onto those sun hats – the winds are feeling frisky. Starting from the south at 20 km/h with gusts touching 40 km/h, they then do a dramatic switcheroo to the west, gusting up to a wild 50 km/h by the afternoon. Feeling the heat? It’s going to be a sizzler with the mercury touching 32°C, but with Humidex crashing the party, you might feel a steamy 38°C. And yes, our ever-persistent UV index is still flashing a 7, so keep that SPF handy!

Got some stunning smoky sun snaps or a dramatic drizzle capture? We’re all eyes! Shoot them over to Here’s to sun-filled selfies and perfect parasol pics!

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