Thunder Bay Tidbits: From Sunny Skies to Sweaty Vibes!

The Alexander Henry awaits Coast Guard Day!
The Alexander Henry awaits Coast Guard Day!

Today’s Chronicle: Sun Splendor and Swirling Southwest Breezes

Thunder Bay, the sun’s out and it’s painting the town gold! We’ve got a full day of sunny marvel ahead. Now, while you’re out and about, be ready for that southwest wind to pick up the pace, clocking in at about 30 km/h around noon. Temperatures are set to peak at a cozy 25°C. But, don’t be fooled – factor in the Humidex, and you might feel a touch warmer at 27°C. Oh, and for those of you sun-soakers: the UV index is strutting a solid 7 today. So, you might want to be generous with that sunscreen application!

Evening Echo: Calm Skies and Whispering Winds

As day transitions to night, expect the canvas overhead to remain clear, offering a stellar celestial showcase. The earlier gusty southwest winds are opting for a gentler night, slowing down to 20 km/h before turning into a soft breeze. Pull out those comfy blankets because tonight’s temps are dipping to a crisp 13°C.

Saturday’s Story: Sun Galore and Heated Highs

Saturday’s mantra seems to be ‘Sun, Sun, and more Sun!’ While it’s predominantly a sunny saga, the wind has its own plans. Starting from the south, it’s racing in at 30 km/h early in the morning. Temperatures? We’re turning up the thermostat to a scorching 29°C. And if you think that’s hot, the Humidex will make it feel like a tropical 35°C. Sun-lovers, a word of caution – the UV index is soaring to a whopping 8, which falls under the ‘very high’ category. Time to put on those shades, slather on that SPF, and rock the day!

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