May 2, 2024: Northwest Region Reports No Active Wildland Fires; Adherence to Burning Regulations Urged

Brave Men and Women battle the region's wildfires!
Brave Men and Women battle the region's wildfires!

Update on Northwest Region’s Fire Situation

THUNDER BAY – CLIMATE – As of May 2, 2024, Aviation, Forest Fire and Emergency Services report that there are currently no active wildland fires in the Northwest Region of Ontario. Updates on the fire situation will continue to be provided twice a week, with the next scheduled update on Monday, May 6. The fire hazard level across the region remains low, and residents can check the current wildland fire danger ratings using the department’s interactive online map.

Recent Fire Near Dryden Successfully Contained

A small fire, named Dryden 3 (DRY 003), was reported approximately nine kilometres north of Dryden, near Hwy. 665. This fire, spanning only 0.1 hectares, was quickly managed and has been officially called out, demonstrating effective response capabilities in the region.

Guidelines and Safety Tips for Outdoor Burning

In light of the ongoing fire season, the public is reminded to exercise caution with any outdoor burning activities. Recommended methods for disposing of yard waste include composting or using local landfill services. For those who must burn, it is crucial to initiate fires no earlier than two hours before sunset and extinguish them no later than two hours after sunrise, with appropriate tools and water ready to manage the fire. Complete guidelines can be found in Ontario’s Outdoor Burning Regulations.

Reporting a Wildland Fire For reporting wildland fires north of the French and Mattawa rivers, the public should contact 310-FIRE. For areas south of these rivers, dialing 9-1-1 is advised. Additionally, the community is encouraged to stay informed and receive updates on fire prevention tips by following @ONforestfires and @ONfeudeforet on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter). Detailed information about the fire situation can also be accessed at

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