Intersection of Red River Road & Court Street to Close Aug. 16

Intersection of Red River Road & Court Street to Close Aug. 16
Intersection of Red River Road & Court Street to Close Aug. 16 2023

THUNDER BAY – NEWS – The intersection of Red River Road and Court Street is set to close starting from August 16, due to the ongoing progress of the North Core Streetscapes project. This closure marks an extension of the previously closed section of Court Street. Motorists are advised to exercise caution while navigating the impacted area.

For the next six weeks, with some breaks where Red River Road will be open, the construction will continue.

This is a part of the downtown Waterfront District development which is geared to making the downtown more inviting.

Continued Closure for Progress

As the North Core Streetscapes project continues to shape the urban landscape, this next phase requires the temporary closure of the intersection at Court Street and Red River Road. The project’s mission is to rejuvenate and transform this core area of the city, and though road closures may present challenges, the long-term gains will be substantial.

Businesses Open Despite Construction

Amidst the construction zone, local businesses are committed to remaining open and serving the community. The temporary inconvenience caused by the closure is acknowledged, but the local economy’s vitality remains a top priority.

Infrastructure Upgrade and Transformation

The inception of this project was rooted in the necessity to update aging infrastructure beneath the road surface. The extensive excavation needed for this task has opened up a unique opportunity for holistic enhancement. Brian Newman, Senior Project Engineer, elaborated, “This initiative not only addresses the replacement of aging watermains and sanitation systems, but it also entails a complete redesign and resurfacing of the road. Additionally, new sidewalks, streetlights, traffic signals, and public spaces will redefine the pedestrian experience.”

Embracing the Future

Kara Pratt, representing the Waterfront District Business Improvement Area (BIA), recognizes the inconvenience brought about by construction but emphasizes the future gains for the city. “While we acknowledge the temporary disruptions that construction may cause, we are genuinely excited about the transformative impact of this project on our city’s landscape,” Pratt stated. “We urge everyone to continue their support for local businesses in the area during this period. Your patronage is invaluable as we collectively emerge with an improved, aesthetically pleasing, and functionally advanced north core.”

Stay tuned for further updates on the North Core Streetscapes project and its positive influence on the heart of our city.

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