Waterfront District: Street Scape Project Update: Key Intersection Reopens

Construction Continues on Court Street at Red River Road as a better Waterfront District awaits
Construction Continues on Court Street at Red River Road as a better Waterfront District awaits

Local businesses emphasize continued operation amidst ongoing construction

THUNDER BAY – As the North Core Street Scape project moves forward, there’s some good news for local commuters and businesses alike. The intersection at Park Avenue and Court Street is now open for vehicular traffic, marking a significant step in the progression of the project.

Traffic Adjustments and Directions

With the newly reopened intersection, east and westbound traffic can freely flow through Park Avenue. Additionally, motorists will have the option to turn south onto Court Street from Park Avenue, making navigation in the area more convenient. However, drivers should remain vigilant. It’s important to note that Park Avenue, lying between Court Street and Cumberland Street, only supports one-way, eastbound traffic.

Meanwhile, the stretch of Court Street between Park Avenue and Red River Road, which also includes the intersection of Court and Red River, is still closed for the time being.

Long-Term Vision Beyond Short-Term Inconvenience

Yes, construction-related roadblocks can be a source of daily annoyance for many. However, the overarching aim of the North Core Street Scape project promises lasting benefits that will enhance the area’s aesthetics and functionality. The momentary hindrances are just a small price to pay for the future improvements the community will enjoy.

The Vault on Red River Road
The Vault on Red River Road: Stop by and check out “Pressed for Time Coffee Shop”.

Local Businesses Stay Operational

Despite the ongoing work and the subsequent road closures, local businesses within the affected zones want their valued customers to know one vital thing: They are still OPEN. These establishments are excited to serve their patrons and are looking forward to a revitalized neighbourhood to bolster their operations even further. So, next time you’re in the area, remember to support local.

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