Bobsolar: Smart packaging for Bob Eco solar panels


Bobsolar is the solar division of international clean energy company Bob Eco. Packaging is a big concern as it is very wasteful and impacts the ecosystem.

With no way around using packaging, Bob Eco decided to optimize it to avoid unnecessary waste from their operations.

The company’s internal review found that end-users want well-sized, recyclable packaging that minimizes waste and ensures damage-free shipping.

Bob Eco combines laboratory testing, machine learning and manufacturing partnerships to package his supply sustainable solar panel packaging using a science-based approach that scales sustainable change across his chain. We are working hard to reinvent and simplify our methods and use of packaging. With this in mind, Bob Eco works with various factories to help them rethink their use of packaging materials and rethink and optimize their packaging. This is to reduce more waste throughout his supply chain and protect Bob Eco products from damage during delivery to end his users.

Packaging plays an important role in Bob Eco’s sustainability goals and is committed to delivering our products safely and sustainably. For more information on Bob Eco packages, please visit

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