How Kristy Kilcup is Bringing The New Wave of Transformation in Holistic Coaching

Kristy Kilcup
Kristy Kilcup

Achieving excellence in every aspect of life seems too good to be true but with the power of the right coaching and the incredible practices brought by skilled coaches, it becomes possible. Human development, whether that be professional, personal or a combination of both, is important when looking at financial and career-based outcomes. As well as, when focused on personal goals like achieving a healthy body and lifestyle. All of these factors make up for a holistic approach to attaining our highest potential.

With the new wave of transformation in the personal development and self-actualization industry, many professionals have emerged to prove their ability and shake up the industry with their coaching style. However, only a few are able to deliver and Kristy Kilcup is one of them.

Kristy Kilcup is a versatile Health, Life and Wellness Transformation Coach who has been serving executive moms in the weight loss industry for almost three decades. Her results-oriented coaching style offers the right guidance in supporting her clients through their journeys concerned with weight loss, self-acceptance, and self-care.

Interestingly, while being interviewed she mentioned how she leveraged a partnership with a biotechnology company to ensure her clients get exactly what they need when addressing their unique weight loss goals. “I have partnered with a company that has spent the last two decades developing the technology that allows my clients and I to get very precise about their unique needs. This level of personalization ensures that we dial in on the food sensitivities, meal timing, exercise prescription that addresses any biomechanical predispositions, as well as workout timing to avoid unnecessary spikes in cortisol.”

Kristy’s slogan “because it’s never just about weight loss” identifies how she goes beyond the calories in/calories out standard practices.  Instead, she takes a closer look at the overeating and bingeing behaviours, the effects of yo-yo dieting, and poor health choices. In Kristy’s Weight Loss ACCELERATOR Program her clients dive deep into their psychology, to better understand how their current behaviours have led to their weight gain while learning how to change those default behaviours by swapping them out for healthier permanent alternatives.

What makes her stand out from her contemporaries is the fact that she addresses their sabotaging tendencies first before diving deep into the weight loss program.  “Most of my clients have already participated in half a dozen weight loss programs before coming to me.  It’s not that they don’t know what to do.  It’s that they haven’t overcome the default patterns that led to their weight gain (or weight regain).  So we start there.”

In addition, she leverages her Health and Fitness APP right away to get laser-focused on the unique needs of each of her individual clients so they get the proper nutritional support, rest, and appropriate exercise recommendations while timing food intake and workouts with their hormonal ebbs and flows of their day.

Kristy says “my clients’ greatest attributes are their resilience, dedication, and motivation. And together we reconcile their relationship with food, their bodies and self-confidence.”

By offering an inclusive and holistic coaching program, she is able to address the various challenges faced by her clients on a daily basis – effectively.

Along with the biotechnology found in her personalized APP, she also offers a cellular support supplement to help her clients circumvent hormone imbalances, gut-health issues, and inflammation. As she says “in order to lose weight, you need to get healthy first.”  While not a popular statement in the weight loss industry she stands by it.  “Weight loss is the result of controlling blood sugar, blood pressure, introducing positive coping mechanisms when emotionally triggered and finding ways to address, manage and reduce stress.  While weight loss can happen with calorie restriction and exercise alone, permanent weight loss is what my clients are after, which is why they work with me. They are done with the emotional and physical rollercoaster ride and want to take back control of their health.”

Apart from her comprehensive industry experience, she also has the academic education to back it up. With an honors degree in Health Science, a Bachelor’s degree in Education, and a variety of certifications including her Health, Life and Mastery Level Transformation Coaching, Advanced Nutrition, Personalized Health Coaching, Personal Training and Certified RTT® Hypnotherapy license, she is able to address the root cause of her clients’ behaviours, help them manage their self-imposed expectations, address overwhelm and provide a personalized weight loss road map. If the above designations were not enough she is also a Master Educator for Stages Indoor Cycling LLC., and International Presenter.

In her own words,  “As a Mastery Level Transformation Coach, I know that anxiety, lack of self-confidence and insecurity with your own body creates havoc in all areas of your life.  My goal is to help you move beyond the status quo and release you of all the shame and guilt from previous failed attempts at weight loss.”

With her wide array of techniques, psychobehaviour therapies and almost three decades of experience in the industry, Kristy was able to gain a renowned reputation globally. Her efforts have been recognized on an international level resulting in Kristy having an established “disruptor” presence in the weight loss industry.

Today, she continues to offer her expertise and enrich the industry with her knowledge and experience and is currently offering a free Weight Loss Workshop to educate women about their unique bodies and how they do not fit into generic programs offered by the weight loss industry.

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