Blakk Tatted is Crowned the ‘Dip King’ in New Orleans


Cardell Bradley, better known as Blakk Tatted, is a young musician from New Orleans who has truly embraced the artistic culture of the city he grew up in. Anyone who has gotten the opportunity to visit New Orleans has realized that it is a location which possesses its very own distinct style in terms of art, dance, and music. Similarly to how Washington D.C. is accredited for starting go-go music, New Orleans is known for creating “dip music.” This style of music is also referred to as “bounce music,” and the name was developed in response to the dipping motion that New Orleans residents often do when dancing to their favorite songs. They call it the “dip dance.”

Blakk Tatted is known in New Orleans as the king of dipping due to his undeniable ability to perform the dip dance exceptionally well. Blakk has created two very popular songs for people to dance to which have become local hits on major radio stations in New Orleans. “Dip Witchaaa” and “Let’s Go Blakk” are the names of the songs, and both can be streamed around the world on Apple Music and Spotify. Blakk has successfully brought more attention to dip music with the release of his original tunes, and his followers on social media can catch a glimpse of him dipping in some of the videos he posts online. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, Blakk would be paid to make club appearances and host parties in New Orleans based on the vast popularity he’s gained in his hometown. Music lovers should prepare for Blakk’s next hit song as they try to master the unique dip dance in the meantime.

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