German Castelo enthrals listeners with his new mini-album “Ain’t No Magic”


His success is “Ain’t No Magic”, but a result of his unending hard work and resilience.

Getting into competitive industries like entertainment, media, and music is no walk in the park. It sounds too easy to get into the game, but to survive and thrive is a different game altogether that only a few rare gems in the world have been able to do. The people who excel beyond boundaries in these fields, without letting any fear in, are stories that the world needs to know more about. People can create more buzz around them, even when they are relatively new in an industry, believes German Castelo, a youngster himself and an up-and-coming talent in the music space. He is happy he has been able to come up with songs that somewhere have connected chords of people’s hearts and now wants to continue doing that.


On asking what made him choose an industry as saturated as music, German Castelo says, “Why should I dishonour my dreams just because the industry has been overflowing with great talents? This will mean I am only escaping the competition, which I believe is everywhere, almost across all industries. I have always believed in my dreams and, most importantly, in my innate musical skills, which has what given me the courage to step foot into in and create a unique career for myself, where I am gradually getting to the top.”


His EP, “Ain’t No Magic”, with tracks like Rocky Magic, Ain’t Official, Utopia, Magic Tricks, and New Start, has spread the magic of music all over, and the proof is the increasing number of listeners he has been gaining on streaming sites. German Castelo, who hails from Mexico, is getting nearer his visions and goals in music each passing day, thanks to the momentum he has gained so far in his career with his ability to make the most of the opportunities, learn every day and implement the same to better his music craft.


If you wish to soothe your ears, you can’t miss listening to this phenomenal talent. Check out his songs on Spotify now,

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