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Thunder Bay, ON: It’s time to pay attention to a different more dangerous invisible presence that may be lurking in your home: Radon gas!

Radon gas is an odourless, tasteless and invisible naturally occur gas that can enter your home without you knowing. Breathing in air with high concentrations of radon for an extended period of time is dangerous to your health and that of your families.

November is the best time to start a radon test in your home. Indoor air is less circulated during the months where homes are heated, as windows and doors are kept closed, more easily trapping radon gas inside.

“Our goal is to raise awareness about radon and have more and more homes and businesses test for radon. Radon screening tools are available at local and district libraries, EcoSuperior sells certified long-term test kits, and there are local radon professionals who can also test.” states Kelsey Agnew (EcoSuperior Environmental Programs).

Throughout November, EcoSuperior is hosting a series of free webinars raising awareness about radon. Webinars for the general public are happening November 2nd, from 7-8pm, November 9th from 1-2pm and November 17th 7-8pm. Other webinars for Healthcare, library and municipal staff, First Nation professionals and Real Estate Agents are also planned. To register for a free webinar visit EcoSuperior’s website, www.ecosuperior.org/radon.

These webinars are a part of a larger 2-year radon awareness program that builds upon EcoSuperior’s previous radon awareness work. All made possible through support from Health Canada.

“EcoSuperior has become a trusted resource for radon information in our district. Later this month, we will also have our radon demonstration area open Thursday evenings during our curbside pick up time,” concludes states Kelsey Agnew (EcoSuperior Environmental Programs).