Health Unit Seeks to Measure Radon Levels in Thunder Bay

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Health News RadonTHUNDER BAY – Does your house have issues with radon? The Thunder Bay District Health Unit are asking for the public’s help in measuring radon levels in our community. Starting today, free radon home-testing kits will be available to 500 households in Thunder Bay. The information gathered from the kits will help the Health Unit identify radon levels in the City.

“We want to find the prevalence of high radon in Thunder Bay and in what parts of the City the risk is highest,” stated Lee Sieswerda, manager of environmental health. “The only way to know if a home has a high level of radon is to test for it. The puck-sized radon detectors will stay in the homes for 3 months, and then will be collected and sent away for analysis. Residents will be notified of their results.”

Radon is an invisible radioactive gas found in many homes across Canada. It is produced naturally as the uranium in the ground breaks down. It can seep into your home through cracks in the foundation, pipe openings, sump pits, etc. It can build up to high levels in your home, and over time, may cause lung cancer. It is estimated that 2000 Canadians are killed by radon gas every year.

If residents discover they have a high level of radon in their home, the Health Unit will provide information on how to reduce it.

To find out if you are eligible to receive a free radon testing kit, you must complete a brief survey. To apply for a free kit and for more information about radon, visit or call 807-625-5930.


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