Aditya Sharma, A Social Worker Who Dreams Of A Safe Future For The Youth.

Aditya Sharma
Aditya Sharma

It is said that the new India is a youth India

Aditya Sharma has emerged as an example, proving this statement to be a complete truth. Those who dream of public interest social service and giving new direction to a new India at the age of only 20 years, Aditya hails from Gauki Par district Narsinghpur, a small village in Madhya Pradesh. Aditya has been associated with public interest in his school life from a very young age. Helping Ashaas never fails to make his contribution in social work, even after being from a small village, he is always ahead to make a voice of students in Bhopal whether student politics is to help non-cooperation people socially. Issues to be raised are often seen.

Aditya is engaged as an active worker in the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad. The Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad was the one who gave this country to Amit Shah as Home Minister, along with it gave direction to the problem leaders like Shivraj Singh Chauhan. Looking at his sense of social service and passing on the country, it would not be wrong to know that Aditya Sharma is an emerging name in Indian politics. Apart from this, Aditya Sharma keeps organizing programs like help of non-cooperation and health camps. In the corona period, whether it is to distribute masks or to help the poor at their level, Aditya never retreats in the work of public interest, but he has no ambition of his own but his great ambition for the country is evident in the sense of service. Can emerge as a strong politician in the coming time, active in dharna demonstration to raise voice of Aditya Aamjan

Due to all these qualities, they are getting a very good hold in the youth. Apart from this, Aditya is the founder of Bharat Youth Forum and Youth Social Culture Welfare Society NGO, by considering Nanaji Deshmukh “Bharat Ratna”, Swami Vivekananda, and Veer Savarkar as his ideal, “I am not for myself, but for my own, who are their centuries.” Are suffering from and neglected. ” They have been following the thoughts.

The sense of social service is to forget yourself and rise above oneself and be devoted to the future of youth and social service. This feeling comes out clearly from inside Aditya Sharma. Aditya dreams of his happy life by helping the youth and becoming the voice of helpless destitute poor and common people. In modern India, the ability to carry the youth along is full inside them. Aditya Sharma is very popular among the youth in his field, Aditya provided food items to the migrant laborers during the Korana period, due to which he was greatly appreciated, hard work and determination to keep the power of the youth and the lofty dream for a new India. Young people like Aditya Sharma mean a lot to our country

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