Social Media Queen, Ankita Raghav Arora Influencing The World With Her Chic Style

Ankita Raghav Arora
Ankita Raghav Arora

Blogging is at its boom these days with influencers coming up every day with new content and getting viral. It has become the quintessential job of anybody who has a knack for sharing their life and skills but not everybody makes it to the top. Only a few reach a good amount of followers and income. One of the few prominent influencers is Ankita Raghav Arora who is a lifestyle and fashion influencer. Her content creation has mostly to do with posting pictures of her wardrobe and haute couture outfits.

Ankita Raghav Arora is a true artist. She has the talent to influence her audience by her style and choices in fashion. It seems like a smooth sail now that she has achieved heights but it wasn’t always like that. Ankita had a lot of obstacles in her life very early on. She was actually studying economic honors from the Delhi University and as per her plans, joined a firm after graduation and worked there for 6 odd years. But something wasn’t right and she could feel it. She realized her passion lied in the fashion and beauty industry and she wanted to take that forward. She found the courage to quit the job to take this ahead. She started her blog page on Instagram and called it “Ankita Raghav Arora”.

She shares all kinds of fashion and beauty tips with lifestyle hacks and more content as such. Slowly and steadily, she has built her gram-fam to 200K followers which is a good number. She keeps her audience engaged with consistent content of her OOTD looks, traveling and vacation pictures, and food. She seems extremely relatable to the fans and they enjoy keeping in constant touch with her through Instagram stories and posts.

Ankita Arora has received this honest and loyal fan following because of her absolute chic fashion style and her Instagram page with beautiful aesthetic appeal. She has kept her content as organic as possible yet appealing to the eye of the viewer. She knows how to maintain the balance and thus her audience has grown tremendously. All the credit goes to her originality that she showcased on social media without a facade or filter.

Her favorite kind of content to create would be wedding-related. Be it traditional heavy outfits or makeup, she’s done it all and impressed everyone. But, since Instagram can only allow you so much to do, she decided to be more interactive and hence started her YouTube channel where she uploads her lifestyle vlogs consisting of her traveling looks, beauty tutorials, get ready with me videos, and much more. This is a great deal of hard work and she is definitely on her way to greater heights.

You can connect with Ankita Raghav Arora on Instagram – @ankitaraghavarora

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