Entrepreneur Swapnil Aggarwal – Our main mission is to help the clients achieve their financial goal

Swapnil Aggarwal
Swapnil Aggarwal

The financial companies in India are responsible for the robust growth of the economy in the country. It has a great impact on the country’s economy and many businesses, institutions and business entities seek financial guidance. One such company which provides investment and financial services is VSRK Wealth Creator. It is based in Delhi and is running successfully in the market since November 2013.

The financial services provided by VSRK Wealth Creator include fund management, tax planning services, Mutual Funds, Life Insurance, General Insurance, Corporate Deposits, Portfolio Management Services (PMS), Alternative Investment Fund (AIF), Structure Products and Pre-IPO/Unlisted Stocks. Led by Mr Swapnil Aggarwal, VSRK Wealth Creator has established itself as the leading financial provider in the country.

Mr Aggarwal is the director and promoter of VSRK Wealth Creator. The entrepreneur who has been in this field for more than 10 years has made seamless execution of financial processes in the company. Besides controlling the optimum management of the assets, he is responsible for the overall growth of VSRK Wealth Creator. In less than a decade, the company has made its place as the most trusted name in the financial market. VSRK Wealth Creator has a team of highly-qualified professionals certified by AMFI and IRDA.

Over the years, Swapnil Aggarwal has led various initiations and has earlier led assets worth crores along with Shri R.K Aggarwal who had been the President of VSRK Wealth Creator. Moreover, Mr Swapnil is highly experienced in developing business associate channels for his company. The dynamic entrepreneur is leading the company and is taking it to a new high. After his father’s demise in 2019, he has completely taken over the business and is leaving no stone unturned in making VSRK Wealth Creator a prominent name in the financial market.

Since then, he has been strategizing various market growth initiatives for the company and has had strong ties with the clients. “Our main mission is to help the clients achieve their financial goals. Our team has highly qualified and experienced financial advisors who are responsible for creating profitable, creative and proactive fund-related solutions that are profitable for the clients”, said Mr Swapnil.

For its excellent work, VSRK Wealth Creator was earlier awarded as the best fund management firm for providing the best investment and financial services in the country. Today the company has been a prominent name in the market for many businesses that are willing to make safe and sound financial plans. Prioritizing the goals of their clients over the company goals have worked in favour of VSRK Wealth Creator, and it has indeed become one of the most successful financial companies of India.

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