Ravi Agrawal’s humbleness is the key behind his successful run as an entrepreneur and a politician

Ravi Agrawal
Ravi Agrawal

Taking a stand for self is important, but taking a stand for others is more important. Not everyone is courageous to be there for people. Ravi Agrawal, a notable politician and an active member of the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) is striving towards excellence for the overall development and betterment of society. Based in Jalna, Maharashtra, Ravi has witnessed a lot of highs and lows in his life.

Much before his political run began, he slogged to become an entrepreneur. Well, it looks like a cakewalk from any person’s perspective, but Ravi has worked immensely to reach where he is today. Started working at an early age, the entrepreneur and politician joined the family business of grocery to earn the living. However, there were a lot of roadblocks in Agrawal’s journey before success happened to him.

Today the notable politician has defied all the odds and is living the life of his dreams. His humbleness and positive approach to work is a reflection of his days of struggle. In 1995, his family’s steel company Ram Riteish Rolling Mill incurred a major loss which later had to be sold out. The next few years saw him work rigorously. Ravi put his heart and mind into establishing various businesses. After a wait of 14 long years, he brought back the steel company along with building various other businesses.

To name a few ventures owned by Ravi are Hariom Trading, Pannarukmini Food Junction, Shivam Sales, and Rupam Steel. Besides being a genius business mind, his selflessness towards the countrymen is what makes him a noteworthy name. Standing by the people during the difficult times, Ravi has gone his way out in helping those in need. “I always believe in the saying that the more you give, the more you get. It’s all about doing great deeds for the ones who are the very own people of our country”, quoted Ravi.

Moreover, the District Vice President of BJP Yuva Morcha has time and again done charities, donations and has led food and clothes distribution drives for the underprivileged people. Ravi is also the president of the Bramhastra Multipurpose Education and Service Organization. His primary goal is to boost education and create employment opportunities for his countrymen. Continuing the excellent work, Ravi Agrawal is undoubtedly an inspiring figure to all the youngsters of the country.

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