Aga Wojtasik Reflects On Her Years Of Experience In A Competitive Industry Like Modeling

Aga Wojtasik

For years, New York City has been the ultimate destination for aspiring models. The gritty city has developed a reputation for yielding some of the highest-paid, mega famous supermodels in the world. But in recent years, the talent pool has expanded exponentially, pulling models from all over the world. Today, the New York modeling scene is more cutthroat than ever before with casting calls amassing hundreds of models from more than 30 different agencies. For model Aga Wojtasik, despite her young years, she’s familiar with the highs and lows of the industry. As a New York Model Management signee, Wojtasik has blossomed into a prolific model, offering clients more than just a pretty face.

Since the age of 15, Wojtasik has been in the industry, developing a profound understanding of what it takes to be a model beyond possessing “the look.” Over the years, she has worked with major name brand designers and fashion houses such as Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Issey Miyake, French Connection, and Uniqlo. But what sets Wojtasik apart from the rest is her confidence and ability to create an energy on set. After collaborating with esteemed photographers in the industry, Wojtasik refined her skills as a model, engaging a certain dynamism that comes to life through the lens of a camera.

“I quickly realized how important attitude and energy are on set,” Wojtasik say. “People love to work with people they like, so many times, my personality and simply being nice to everyone helped me rebook jobs.”
In perfecting her skills on set, Wojtasik managed to land jobs with Calvin Klein, LaQuan Smith, Rebecca Minkoff, Derek Lam, Pat McGrath, Anthropologie, Opening Ceremony, and Urban Outfitters in New York City. Looking back at the start of her career, the young model is humbled by the success and experience she’s amassed. Yet as she embarks on the ninth year of her modeling career, Wojtasik is hungry for more. Today, her goals look drastically different from those at the outset of her career. Just as she has matured into an experienced model, familiar with the industry, she now looks ahead at opportunities that will encourage challenge and complexity.

Despite working in such an unpredictable and ever-changing industry, Wojtasik knows to expect the unexpected. After nearly 10 years as a model, that’s par for the course. She embraces the challenges and rejection, knowing full well that it’s the positive and negative experiences that shape her as a model.

“I have learned how to take and respect criticism when it is constructive,” Wojtasik said. “It makes me a better model. However, some people’s opinions are not worth a second thought, and I have recognized how to differentiate the two, and ultimately this has made me very aware of my self-worth. I think a lot of models lose their sense of it, and their self-esteem drops. I am aware of who I am and what I stand for, and this has helped me maintain ground in the industry.”

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