Digital Marketing Expert Nafez Husseini on Building and Sustaining Followers on Instagram

Digital Marketing Expert Nafez Husseini

There are currently over 1 billion monthly Instagram users, and the platform shows no signs of slowing down. Companies need to market themselves on sites like this, especially if their client base is made up of millennials or zoomers. Nafez Husseini is a digital marketing expert who knows a great deal about how to make the platform work for you, including building up your follower numbers and keeping them.

Nafez Husseini is the CEO and owner of Authority Media LLC. He and his team specialize in marketing, consulting, and advertising, and they grow companies using targeted campaigns on social media. Instagram is one of his favorite platforms, and he has over 100 clients that he manages there. If you’re interested in gaining more followers on your Insta account, Husseini is the one to ask. One of his top tips is utilizing hashtags correctly. “Don’t simply throw random hashtags at the bottom of your post,” he said. “Use an online tool to find the relevant and popular tags that your potential followers will be looking for.” In addition, using the Stories feature is key. “Many people watch through their stories right when they log on. While they only have a 24-hour lifespan, they’re a great way to inform your followers of new items or sales.” You can also organize your stories into Highlights, which let people look at them later. “These will appear at the top of your profile, so they let people get an idea of what it’s like to follow you quickly.” Lastly, you need to be consistent. “Post as often as you can, both to your profile and your Stories. If people follow you, that means they want to see your content.”

Nafez graduated from The University of Alabama in 2020 with a marketing degree in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although he learned a lot in school, he stresses that education outside of the classroom is also key. “I read a book a week and have taken a bunch of online courses. Keeping up with new information is the only way to stay alive in my business.” Since he quit his job and started working for himself full-time, he runs Instagram accounts with millions of followers and helps his clients succeed.

Deciphering the Instagram formula can be tough. If you need help, Nafez Husseini and Authority Media LLC are a great resource.

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