Queenie Singh’s Beauty App Expected To Close The Largest Gap In India’s Bustling Beauty Market

Queenie Singh

There are few markets in the world that are exploding at the rate that the beauty and cosmetics industry is in India. An estimated 600 million female beauty consumers will be purchasing products and seeking beauty advice in India by 2021.

One of the largest and most prohibitive barriers for proper skincare and beauty routines has been a complete lack of scientifically-backed objectivity in the beauty market that could provide bespoke, Tailored solutions to consumers.

In the effort to resolve and satisfy that huge market gap, one of India’s most revered luxury tastemakers Queenie Singh has ventured into the beauty industry and engineered a scientifically sound solution to provide consumers on the macro scale tailored beauty advice and turnkey product antidotes.

Her debut beauty app Set to launch in 2021 constitutes India’s first objective online meeting form set to launch in 2021 will provide India’s first online meeting forum We’re by consumers can navigate according to The skin care problems and Needs they have and find sound, scientific advice provided by leading dermatologists, experts and specialists.

Beyond just that, Queenie and her team have reversed engineered scientifically backed, and natural products that will tap the most in need triggerpoints of her apps community.

All in all, Queenie’s venture represents the first objective, Reliable, and turn key solution to one of the biggest problems faced buy one of the highest growth sectors in the world today.

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