How Artificial Intelligence Changes SEO

How is AI used in SEO

Nowadays, search algorithms are constantly developing and become more complex. Since their first launch, query engines have made a long way to sophisticated algorithms and machine learning. All this directly affects SEO in two completely opposite directions: on the one hand, the promotion of sites to the top has become much more difficult, on the other hand, it has become more high-quality.

In general, artificial intelligence (AI) has fundamentally changed the approach to placing backlinks. Today, we will talk about where the AI is used and how to adapt to the new realities.

How Is AI Used in Search Engine Algorithms?

During the last decades, the number of files on the Internet has significantly increased. Meanwhile, the query engines continued to develop, so their ranking algorithms have become more complicated. The achievements of machine learning have also contributed to the development of AI.

In 2015, Google launched the RankBrain — an AI-based self-learning system that has allowed Google to speed up keyword lookup and to provide users with the most relevant content following a query. It knows how to:

  • understand the meaning of the text,
  • find connections between words,
  • learn words and phrases that it does not know,
  • adapt it specifically for the country and language of the request.

All this helped to make the search more relevant. Finally, in 2019, Google released its advanced BERT algorithm, which is also an NLP learning system based on a neural network. Unlike other models, BERT is created to deeply understand human speech.

AI and SEO

AI can be used where there are plenty of routine processes and it makes sense to train the machine to do it according to before-made models. For example, AI can easily cope with the following tasks in SEO:

  • clustering of semantics;
  • classification of request types by the expected result and landing pages;
  • classification of the pages based on the screenshots;
  • automatic determination of the site subject;
  • search and correction of errors in the text;
  • automation of the links purchase;
  • writing/generating texts, etc.

So, there are quite a lot of tasks, where AI can be applied and it all depends on what you want to do and how much data you need to process monthly.

Computer Tech SEO and AI

Based on the above mentioned, we can conclude that the topic of the use of artificial intelligence in SEO is quite controversial and there are a lot of possible options for how it can be used.

However, it is pointless to deny that the influence of the technologies based on neural networks in the optimization is great and grows every year, as new search engine algorithms and tools that experts can use are released. So, it is worth following the latest trends in AI developments to remain competitive in SEO, because better results depend on how fast you can adapt to new realities.

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