Over 200,000 Faculty and Students Now Use Contact North | Contact Nord’s Four Free, Easy-to-Use AI-Powered Apps for Education and Training


Thunder Bay, ON — Over 200,000 faculty and students now use four free, easy-to-use AI-powered apps education and training developed by Contact North | Contact Nord.

With the first app launched just over seven months ago in September 2023, the number of users is growing at a double-digit rate every week.

Contact North | Contact Nord’s expanding suite of four easy-to-use, personalized AI-powered apps for education and training includes:

“The enthusiastic uptake of our AI apps and the sustained double-digit growth trend are clear indicators of the strong demand for accessible and interactive education and training AI-powered tools,” comments Dr. Ron Owston, Research Associate, AI in Higher Education at Contact North | Contact Nord.

“Contact North | Contact Nord makes its AI-powered apps available free to anyone as part of its mandate to support innovation in education and training through testing and applied research of new modes of delivery using technology and to share information in Ontario, nationally, and internationally,” added Maxim Jean-Louis, President – Chief Executive Officer.

Contact North | Contact Nord prioritizes user privacy, ensuring the safety and security of the apps for all users.

The apps are available in English and French and can understand and respond in dozens of other languages.

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