Where to get your information: The 7 most trustworthy blockchain news sites


In the past, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and virtual reality (VR) can only be seen in science fiction movies—depictions of the world far into the future. Although definitely far from the dystopian worlds of “The Matrix,” “Blade Runner” and “Minority Report,” the future where we can enjoy high-definition virtual reality entertainment in the form of the metaverse is nearly upon us.

According to many experts, the world is on the verge of the Fifth Industrial Revolution; and blockchain is at the heart of these technological advancements. Blockchain is a distributed and decentralized ledger system that gives data immutability, transparency and security. It not only allows for the recording and storage of big data efficiently, but it also prevents fraud from happening due to data being easily traceable and trackable.

Because of these capabilities, blockchain has a real potential to become the technological foundation of other emerging technologies, such as AI and the metaverse. As blockchain adoption grows, it is increasingly becoming relevant. Statista forecasts that global spending on blockchain solutions will increase to $19 billion by 2024. In fact, a majority of business leaders worldwide are already including blockchain solutions in their budgets.

And as blockchain adoption and awareness spreads, it is important that people find the correct information about it. We all know that there is a ton of misleading and questionable information on the Internet. Especially for the non-technical people, which make up a large majority of the global population, the Internet is mostly where they will learn about blockchain.

Crypto and blockchain news are reported together most of the time. Because there are more people interested in crypto, most websites focus the majority of their content on crypto and only have a section allotted for blockchain. This makes it harder for you to find sites that can really tell you about blockchain.

Whether it be basic knowledge about this innovative technology or more advanced reports detailing new developments, it is best to get them from reliable sources. And to make it easier to find accurate blockchain news and information, we have compiled a list of the most trustworthy sites that you can really learn from and get the latest news.

  • Benzinga – Although at first glance, Benzinga seems to be all about crypto, it actually provides a lot of blockchain news. It even has an article that explains the basics of blockchain for people to learn what it really is and what it actually does. It even has a video that explains what blockchain is in a way that regular people can easily understand.

Another good thing about Benzinga is that it has a search field. You can just search “blockchain” and it gives you the latest news and articles about blockchain. Averaging 25 million readers monthly, Benzinga is a site you can definitely trust to provide timely and accurate blockchain news and information.

  • Blockchain Magazine – This website actually lives up to its name. Sure, there are  many articles and news about crypto, but Blockchain Magazine actually has a lot of blockchain-related news and articles. And it even has content that empowers women, with its “Women in Blockchain” section.

Another thing that makes it a favorite is that it has its own “Blockipedia,” which educates beginners about everything blockchain—from the simplest to the more complex concepts. It also has an interface that is not only easy to navigate, but is also uncluttered by ads.

  • CoinGeek – If you are a complete beginner to blockchain, we highly recommend checking out CoinGeek first. It has a section called “Bitcoin 101” that provides detailed explanations about blockchain and other emerging technologies related to it, complete with infographics that make technical concepts, such as tokenization, smart contracts and micropayments, seem so simple. It even has a blockchain dictionary.

CoinGeek is one of the sites focused more on blockchain as a technology, rather than crypto and trading. Blockchain news are subdivided into seven categories: business, tech, editorial, press releases, events, interviews and videos. This makes it easier for visitors to find what they need. Most of their articles are also paired up with videos relevant to the topic, making it more appealing to those who would rather watch than read them.

  • CoinTelegraph – Although as its name suggests, CoinTelegraph has more content about crypto than blockchain, it is still worthy of being on this list. It has its own section on blockchain news updated by the hour. So, if you really want to be updated, this is the site to go to.

CoinTelegraph also has a glossary of terms, which even includes famous people in the crypto and blockchain world. Each glossary entry has a very detailed explanation of what that term really means or who that person is.

  • Forbes – Just the name itself is trustworthy enough. With over a century in business reporting, it cannot be denied that Forbes presents unbiased and accurate news. And what it does have that is relevant to this list is Forbes Crypto and Blockchain.

On top of having an interface that is easy to navigate, Forbes makes it fast for you to spot what information you need. Recognizing that many of its readers are new to blockchain, its article “What Is Blockchain?” is highlighted on top of the news section. However, you can only get major blockchain news here. It is not as updated as other sites when it comes to blockchain.

  • TechBullion – From its name, it is obvious that this website is about everything related to technology. But TechBullion has a substantial section on blockchain that has the latest in everything blockchain.

The site is not for beginners, but it contains many interesting articles that show how blockchain can be utilized to improve different industries. For instance, one of its latest articles examines how blockchain benefits essay writing.

  • The Block – Although The Block seems to be a site that is fully dedicated to blockchain, even claiming to be “a practical resource providing news, analysis and opinion on the blockchain ecosystem,” it actually has a bit more content about crypto like other websites.

But what The Block does have that earned it a spot on this list is a section that presents the latest blockchain applications all over the world. Its “Industries” category, classified into banking, gaming, healthcare and supply chain & logistics, also provides news articles that are worth reading.

And there you have our top seven most trustworthy blockchain news sites, in alphabetical order. It must be said that compiling this list proved to be a bit harder than expected. Although there are many sites that claim they are all about blockchain, they are mostly about crypto and other digital asset products like NFTs.


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