Can You Put Tangible Investments Into a Retirement Account?


People like to build up their retirements in different ways: some may create an individual retirement account (IRA) while others might create 401k plans. These options involve different approaches, but can you use a tangible investment to help your retirement account?

What is a Tangible Investment?

If you search for the definition of the word tangible, you will find a definition similar to “an object with a physical presence that you can touch”. This means that tangible investments are when you invest in actual items that exist such as land, a building or even diamonds.

This means that you put some of your money into physical investments rather than businesses, ideas or concepts.

How Does It Apply to Retirement Accounts?

When it comes to using tangible investments, you can either create an IRA-based around investments or you can sell those stocks later on. This allows you to use tangible investments to build up your retirement account. You can do this as you study different types of investments to find one that works for you.

Tangible investments apply to your retirement account because you have the opportunity to build up more money. As you find tangible investments, you have the opportunity to make money. This allows you to increase your retirement account as you invest your money and watch it grow when the tangible investment increases in value.

An Example of a Tangible Investment

While you can create different investments and look at various IRAs, you may wonder what would be a potential option for you. As you do your research, you should also look into a physical gold IRA as your tangible investment. This means that you can invest in physical gold and then sell it when the value of the gold increases.

This happens as you continue to build up your tangible investment and sell it at the right moment. Going off of the physical gold IRA example, you invest in gold and hold onto it as stocks or you purchase gold that goes directly into your IRA. From here, you can wait for the worth of gold to go up and sell it to make a profit. As Goldco states, “The price of physical gold historically has had an inverse relationship with both the stock market and the U.S. dollar. That means traditionally when the market or the dollar goes down, gold goes up. This provides you with crucial protection of the buying power of your retirement savings.”

Getting Started

If you want to look into more tangible investments, then you should do some research of your own. Find out what options you have available in your area and any types of tangible investments that you think will succeed.

On top of this, you can also find stockbrokers to assist you with the process. This means that they will handle your stocks as you give them money based on any predetermined terms. Review your options to find one that you like.


When it comes to investments, you can either create retirement accounts or you can find physical investments that you can sell at the right moment for maximum profits. Either way, you can take advantage of tangible investments to build up and create your retirement account.

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