Does CES Discriminate Against Men’ Adult Toys?

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Over recent years, the adult toy industry has grown significantly, with both men and women now investing in adult toys. The ability to make purchases online has helped to boost the industry, as many feel far more comfortable about making these types of purchases from the discretion and privacy of their own homes.

The excellent choice of products has also helped to boost the use of these adult toys, with people purchasing everything from vibrators to fleshlights. However, one sex toy maker, Brian Sloan, believes that there could be discrimination from big conventions like CES, which is held every year in Las Vegas. While the event does allow adult toys, Sloan found that he faced discrimination when it came to showing his adult toy for men at the trade event.

Welcoming Adult Toys to the Trade Show

The decision of CES organizers to accept adult toys, such as Noti, as part of the show was made following a complaint that was made last year. For those in the adult toy manufacturing and development industry, this spelled good news as it meant that they could show off their new products at a mainstream event attended by people from around the world.

The decision was made by organizers to make the event more inclusive and welcome products from a range of industries. This has led to many adult toy manufacturers deciding to exhibit their products at the 2020 event. However, Mr. Sloan pointed out a problem that he claims means the trade show is discriminating against some by not allowing adult toys that are anatomically correct. According to Sloan, adult toys that have mouths or genital areas are not being allowed at CES, which he said means they are being discriminatory.

Of course, the decision by CES organizers to include a specialist area for adult toys is great news for manufacturers within this industry, as it provides an excellent way to raise awareness of their new products. However, if the trade show only allows certain types of adult toys, it means that some manufacturers will be left out and unable to exhibit some of the products that could prove very popular with some adults, such as the adult toy that Sloan was interested in exhibiting.

While Sloan was told that he could exhibit his product at CES 2020 after making an application last year, he was told he would have to make some changes to ensure that the genital area of the sex toy was non-descript rather than being detailed as it is at present. He decided that there was little point in doing this, so he decided not to exhibit at all.

He said that the Autoblow product he has developed is designed to provide men with an authentic experience but that having to make changes to such a key part of the product meant that the benefits would not be clear to those attending the trade show. He added that although it was admirable that adult toys were now being accepted, there was still a stigma attached.

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