Cold Weather May Not Impact School Buses

School Buses

School Buses

School Buses Should be Running in Thunder Bay

THUNDER BAY – Weather conditions have an Extreme Cold Warning in effect for Thunder Bay. On Monday, most students are set to return to school.

The Lakehead Board of Education has not made any official statement yet about busing on Monday. The overnight temperature is forecast to be -29c in Thunder Bay.

However based on the new policy, it can be assumed that buses will be running.

Keep up on the Transportation Site for the Lakehead Board.


Here is the policy: “When the ambient outside temperature reaches -37 degrees Celsius, student transportation will be cancelled for the day. (this temperature does not include the wind chill factors)

“Determination and process of the cancellation will be as follows:

  • STSTB will monitor the weather conditions and temperatures throughout the night.
  • If the ambient temperature is -37 Celsius or below on the Environment Canada Weather Website (at the Thunder Bay Airport) ( at 5:00 am, student transportation will be cancelled for the day.
  • All factors are to be considered before the cancellation of student transportation. (eg. Weather forecast for the day, the duration of the cold temperatures)
  • The decision to close schools for the day is the responsibility of the individual member board.
  • STSTB will contact the Transportation Managers of the member Boards and inform them of the decision to cancel.”