Lakehead University: Dr. Peter Hollings received the Goldich Medal Award

Lakehead University

Thunder Bay – EDUCATION – The Institute on Lake Superior Geology presented a Lakehead University professor with the Goldich Medal Award for his outstanding contributions to the geology of the Lake Superior region.

Dr. Peter Hollings is the NOHF Industrial Research Chair in Mineral Exploration and Director of Lakehead University’s Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Mining and Exploration, known as CESME.

The medal was presented at a gala on Monday, April 24 at the annual meeting in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Dr. Peter Hollings
Dr. Peter Hollings

“I am deeply honoured to receive the prestigious Goldich Medal from the Institute on Lake Superior Geology,” Dr. Hollings said.

“Since starting at Lakehead University over 20 years ago, I have been fascinated by the geology of the Midcontinent Rift and have been working with colleagues and students to better understand how it formed.

“To see my research recognized in this way is truly humbling. However, none of this would have been possible without the hard work of my students, the support of funding agencies like NSERC and industry partners including Impala Canada Ltd. and Clean Air Metals, and the love of my amazing wife,” he said.

The ongoing contributions to understanding Lake Superior geology and to the Institute on Lake Superior Geology make Dr. Hollings a worthy recipient of the Goldich Medal.

He has extensively conducted research on the geology of the Lake Superior region and the broader Superior Province. Dr. Hollings has focused on both the Midcontinent Rift System (MRS) and Archean greenstone belts and their mineral resources.

He has a significant number of publications and presentations relevant to the discovery and utilization of natural resources in the Lake Superior region. Some of his numerous economic geology publications and presentations on topics outside of the Lake Superior region are also applicable to regional geology.

An area of emphasis in his research is the application of geochemistry and petrology to explore for ore deposits, including at Lac des Iles Mine and the Thunder Bay North igneous complex, working with a wide range of industry partners such as Wesdome, Goldshore, Nighthawk Gold, and Evolution.

As the Director of CESME, Dr. Hollings provides leadership in promoting the discovery of and environmentally sustainable exploration for natural resources.

He has also made contributions to understanding the natural history and environment of the Lake Superior region as demonstrated by numerous publications and presentations focused on the timing and evolution of local rocks and mineral deposits.

His research is firmly rooted in field work and uses geochemical and other data to test existing ideas and concepts and to develop new ones.

He has successfully used local and regional geochemical data to provide evidence and/or implications for broader geological questions, such as the nature of Archean tectonic processes, continental growth and lithospheric recycling, the Superior Province cratonic keel, and the earliest phases of Midcontinent Rift development.

In addition to data-driven new ideas and concepts, Dr. Hollings’ research efforts have resulted in the development of new analytical approaches that can be applied to the Lake Superior region and beyond.

As a Professor at Lakehead University, Dr. Hollings is actively involved in the education of geoscientists through classroom teaching and thesis supervision.

He is committed to training and mentoring as evidenced by the large role students play in his research.

Dr. Andrew P. Dean, Lakehead’s Vice-President, Research and Innovation, congratulated Dr. Hollings for receiving this prestigious award.

“Dr. Hollings is a leading researcher in the geoscience of the region around Lake Superior. He has made significant fundamental advances in research, training of the next generation of geologists and researchers, and working with mining and exploration companies.

“As the director of CESME, Dr. Hollings established the research centre as an expert knowledge source in geology and mineral exploration in Canada,” Dr. Dean said.

The first award was made by the Institute to Sam Goldich in 1979 for his many contributions to the geology of the region extending over approximately 50 years.

The Institute on Lake Superior Geology is a non-profit professional society with the objectives of providing a forum for exchange of geological ideas and scientific data and promoting better understanding of the geology of the Lake Superior region.

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