An Impossible Dream? – Andy Wolff


THUNDER BAY – I appreciate the numerous comments made, regarding my platform in the upcoming municipal election.  It shows a passionate interest in our city.  The objectives I am committed to achieving are:

–     No tax increases and reducing debt

–     Proactive management

–     Reducing crime

–     Better essential services

I believe these objectives will be accomplished, if we build them on a foundation of wise decisions, the success of our tasks and a commitment towards a positive attitude.

In this article, I’d like to focus on the reasoning behind my first objective, no tax increases and reducing debt.  I’ve been hearing from a number of people, this is an issue that concerns them the most.

With our shrinking tax base, senior citizens on fixed incomes and limited job opportunities, we can no longer endure tax increases and a growing debt.  It is understandable why people are sceptical about the idea of no tax increases and debt reduction.  The simple answer; we cut wasteful spending.  The difficulty is that it will take an unprecedented cooperation between council members and administration to find these wasteful expenses.  If elected councillor, I will put forth a motion that we as a council do a department by month analysis of each department’s budget.  Then direct that department’s administration to eliminate whatever wasteful expense we can find.  This is not micro-managing, this is PROACTIVE MANAGEMENT.

If we were to discover 10% of each department’s budget was wasteful spending, we would be able to avoid a 3% hike for 3 years.  Meanwhile we would be paying down our debt, since part of the budget is allocated to loan payments.

We shouldn’t be throwing large sums of money into mega-projects, in hopes this will kick start our economy.  The role of a municipality should be supporting a local free market, where businesses aren’t tied up by so much red tape.  A strong economy is defined by everyone having money in their pockets, not just big business.

Let me know what you think.

Andy Wolff

Candidate for Councillor – Current River

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