Thank-You Thunder Bay!


THUNDER BAY – Thunder Bay is an amazing place. Our city has amazing opportunities, and incredible potential. One of the ways Thunder Bay can grow is in having the free and open discussion of ideas.

One of the goals on over the past five years has been providing an online place where residents in Thunder Bay, and our many Thunder Bay friends who have been forced to leave our city to find their way in the world a source for news and information.

It is exciting to everyone behind the concept to see how that goal is being received by local residents. Some of our most popular features are the Leader’s Ledgers and Candidate’s Ledgers. I dare say that in today’s ever connected world, the politician or candidate who doesn’t “Get the ‘Net” is out of touch.

Our goal is a simple one. Democracy is precious, and it is by those both selected to represent us, and those who wish to, that only by sharing their ideas with you, that as a voter you can gain a full insight into what decisions you will make.

Through our Leader’s Ledgers, we have had the Prime Minister, leaders of the two major opposition parties, provincial leaders, Mayors, and Councillors all share their ideas with you. These pieces run uncensored, and as frequently at the official chooses to send them in. We believe they are your eye into what our elected officials are doing. does not place restrictions on how often, or how long a Candidate’s Ledger or Leader’s Ledger are, or can run. That is a decision best left up to you, the reader. If you are not reading the pieces, that is your voice in action. During the civic election campaign, all candidates are invited and encouraged to participate.

Our editorials tend toward offering positive solutions, and insight not commonly found elsewhere. It can be hard, in some cases to find a positive solution to the issues facing Northwestern Ontario. However our stance is that attempting to emulate the past is not a path to a vibrant and successful future.

Our readership continues to grow. Thank you! According to the average reader is investing well over 20 minutes per visit and reading at least 13 pages on the site.

This represents an audience that is spending as much as ten times the amount of time on NNL than other news sites in the region. In many ways the information suggests that you, our reader, are finding on this site your place for information and news.

So far in 2010, there have been over 975,000 readers on That figure includes readers from around the world as well as here at home. That figure does not include return visitors. The growth of readership, and interest in this Internet site simply could not happen without you, our readers. Our goal remains sharing with you a variety of opinions, positive ideas and concepts as well as getting news to you at the speed of the Internet.

For your continued support all I can say is a very loud Thank-you!

James Murray

News Director

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