Saskatoon Weather Update: Smoke Advisory in Effect

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Poor Air Quality Due to Wildfire Smoke in Saskatoon

SASKATOON, SK – A smoke advisory has been issued for Saskatoon as wildfire smoke is expected to cause poor air quality and reduced visibility. A trough of low pressure is concentrating smoke and PM 2.5 particles, which will move south and east throughout the night. Conditions are expected to improve gradually by Monday night.

Current Weather Conditions

Observed at: Saskatoon Diefenbaker International Airport
Date: 3:00 AM CST Monday, 8 July 2024
Condition: Partly Cloudy
Temperature: 14.0°C
Dew Point: 12.8°C
Humidity: 93%
Wind: SSE at 6 km/h
Pressure: 101.5 kPa (Falling)
Visibility: 24 km

Forecast for the Coming Days

Today: Monday, 8 July 2024

  • Morning: Partly cloudy skies with smoke affecting air quality. Temperature around 14°C.
  • Afternoon: Widespread smoke continues. High of 30°C with a humidex of 35. UV index is very high at 8.
  • Evening: Partly cloudy with a risk of thunderstorms. Low of 16°C.

Tomorrow: Tuesday, 9 July 2024

  • Daytime: Sunny skies. High of 31°C.
  • Night: Clear skies. Low of 16°C.

Wednesday, 10 July 2024

  • Daytime: Sunny with a high of 31°C.
  • Night: Clear skies. Low of 18°C.

Thursday, 11 July 2024

  • Daytime: Sunny and hot with a high of 34°C.
  • Night: Clear skies. Low of 16°C.

Health and Safety Advisory

The fine particles in wildfire smoke pose significant health risks. Individuals more likely to be impacted by the smoke include seniors, pregnant women, smokers, infants, young children, outdoor workers, those engaging in strenuous outdoor activities, and individuals with chronic health conditions.

Symptoms to Watch For:

  • Milder symptoms: eye, nose, and throat irritation.
  • Serious symptoms: chest pains, severe cough, or difficulty breathing. Seek immediate medical attention if experiencing severe symptoms.

Safety Tips:

  • Limit outdoor activities and stay indoors as much as possible.
  • Keep windows and doors closed to prevent smoke from entering.
  • Use air filters in your ventilation system or certified portable air purifiers to improve indoor air quality.
  • When outdoors, wear a well-fitting N95 respirator mask to reduce exposure to fine particles.
  • Check on vulnerable individuals who may be more affected by the smoke.

Historical Weather Data

  • Historic High for July 8: 35.0°C
  • Historic Low for July 8: 7.2°C

Wardrobe Suggestions

With temperatures rising to the high 20s and early 30s, light, breathable clothing is recommended. If you need to go outside, consider wearing long sleeves and pants to reduce direct exposure to smoky air, and don’t forget your N95 mask for added protection.

Interesting Weather Trivia

Did you know? Saskatoon, known for its sunny weather, also experiences significant temperature variations and occasional smoke advisories due to wildfires, reminding residents of the importance of air quality and health precautions.

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