Vancouver Weather Update: Partly Cloudy Skies and Mild Temperatures

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Current Weather Conditions

At 3:00 AM PDT on Tuesday, 18 June 2024, Vancouver International Airport reported mostly cloudy skies with a temperature of 12.3°C. The dew point was 9.3°C, and humidity was at 82%. Winds were blowing from the east-southeast at 15 km/h, and visibility was excellent at 32 km. The barometric pressure was 101.8 kPa and rising.

Today’s Weather Forecast

Morning and Afternoon

Vancouver will experience a mix of sun and cloud today with a high temperature of 19°C. The UV index is expected to reach 6, which is considered high. It is advisable to wear sunscreen if you plan to be outdoors for extended periods.


There is a 30 percent chance of showers this evening, so it might be wise to carry an umbrella just in case. The low temperature tonight will be 12°C with partly cloudy skies initially, clearing up later in the evening.

Tomorrow’s Forecast

Wednesday, 19 June

On Wednesday, Vancouver will bask in sunny weather with a high of 21°C, except for inland areas where temperatures could rise to 25°C. The clear skies will continue into the night, with a low temperature of 11°C.

Looking Ahead

  • Wednesday Night: Clear skies with a low of 11°C.
  • Thursday, 20 June: Sunny weather is expected to continue, with a high reaching 23°C.

Historical Weather Data

  • Historic High for 18 June: 29°C
  • Historic Low for 18 June: 6°C

Wardrobe Suggestions

  • Today: Wear light layers to adjust to changing temperatures throughout the day. Don’t forget sunscreen due to the high UV index.
  • Tonight: A light jacket or sweater will be sufficient as temperatures drop slightly.
  • Tomorrow: Comfortable summer attire will be suitable, especially for inland areas where it will be warmer.

Intriguing Weather Trivia

Did you know? Vancouver holds the record for the longest period without measurable rain at 58 consecutive days, set in 1951. This sunny spell demonstrates the city’s potential for dry summer weather despite its reputation for frequent rain.

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