Five Members of Canada’s 2018 World Juniors Team asked to Surrender to Police for Alleged Sexual Assault Charges

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Charges against five yet unnamed players are expected in this case.

Escalating Legal Proceedings: World Junior Hockey Players Summoned for Allegations

Update on the 2018 Sexual Assault Allegations

LONDON ON – SPORTS – In a significant development in the allegations raised against the 2018 World Junior Canadian hockey team incident, five team members have been directed to report to the London Ontario Police.

This development is part of the ongoing investigation into sexual assault allegations from June 2018.

According to sources, five players are anticipated to face charges, although this has not been independently confirmed by TSN.

The London Police Service, represented by spokeswoman sergeant Sandasha Bough, has not commented on the specifics but promises updates as more information becomes available.

The Genesis of the Charges

The allegations date back to an incident in June 2018, involving members of the 2018 World Junior team and a woman identified in court documents as E.M. The Globe and Mail is reporting that the players have been given a specific timeframe to surrender to the police.

Hockey Canada and CHL: A Period of Turmoil

The case has stirred considerable controversy in Canadian sports. TSN reported in May 2022 that E.M. had settled a lawsuit against Hockey Canada, the Canadian Hockey League (CHL), and eight former CHL players for $3.55 million.

This revelation led to a parliamentary committee demanding answers from Hockey Canada about their handling of sexual assault allegations.

The fallout included severed ties with sponsors and significant changes in Hockey Canada’s governance.

Renewed Police Investigation

Amid increasing public scrutiny, the London Police Service reopened the investigation in July 2022, after initially closing it in February 2019 without charges.

New Light on 2018 World Junior Hockey Incident: Court Documents Unveiled

However a December 2022 report by The Globe and Mail, citing court documents, highlighted a statement by London Police Services sergeant David Younan, indicating that five former Team Canada players were suspected of criminal offences.

The Emergence of Key Evidence

Key court documents, including pivotal interview transcripts and search warrant applications, have been unsealed, and that information casts a new light on the 2018 sexual assault allegations involving the five World Junior hockey players in London, Ontario.

The Globe and Mail first broke the story of these documents’ release, which CBC News subsequently obtained from the Crown independently.

Inside the Unsealed Documents: A Detailed Account

The 94-page document package, partially redacted and filed in October, provides a detailed narrative of the alleged incident. It includes the victim’s (identified as E.M.) account, her emotional aftermath, and various interactions surrounding the event.

Jack’s Bar Encounter: The Prelude to the Alleged Incident

The unsealed documents reveal E.M.’s encounter with Player #1 at Jack’s bar in London, Ontario. She recounts meeting him, unaware of his association with the World Junior team, and describes feeling closely monitored by him throughout the evening.

The Hotel Room Events: A Turn of Events

The documents offer conflicting accounts of what transpired in the hotel room. E.M. describes the situation escalating from initially consensual to feeling overwhelmed and objectified by the presence of multiple men. Player #1’s account, on the other hand, depicts E.M. as engaging and sociable with the group.

The report outlines that the woman, E.M. reported consuming a significant amount of alcohol that evening before being taken by Player #1 to a hotel room.

Published reports state that E. M.’s account and Player #1’s interview revealed that they returned to the hotel room and initially had consensual sex.

However, E.M. later stated that when she returned from the washroom, she found several men in the room. E.M. described in her statement that she felt objectified and verbally objected to the group’s actions. Player #1, in his interview, described inviting teammates over and portrayed E.M. as “flirty.”

Ongoing Investigations and Legal Proceedings

These serious allegations, which remain unproven in court, prompted the reopening of the case in 2022, four years after its initial closure. The unsealing of these documents is a part of broader investigations by Hockey Canada and the NHL, as well as heightened scrutiny over Hockey Canada’s approach to sexual assault allegations.

The Broader Impact on Canadian Hockey

This unfolding case has far-reaching consequences for Canadian hockey, underscoring the urgency for more effective measures to combat sexual misconduct within the sport. As legal proceedings progress, the focus remains on the repercussions for the involved players, the victims, and the wider hockey community in Canada.

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