Frigid Temperatures and Flurries in Whitesand and Armstrong

Winter Weather Update

Weather Summary for Whitesand and Armstrong, January 7-9

Residents of Whitesand and Armstrong are waking up to a bitterly cold Sunday with temperatures starting at -22°C. The day will see periods of snow ending in the morning, followed by mainly cloudy skies and a 30% chance of flurries. Winds are picking up, becoming northwest at 20 km/h and gusting to 40 km/h in the early morning. The high is expected to be -14°C, but the wind chill will make it feel as cold as -27°C in the morning and -21°C in the afternoon.

Sunday Night Forecast

Tonight’s weather turns partly cloudy with lighter winds up to 15 km/h. However, the temperature will plummet to a low of -30°C, and the wind chill will drop even further to -22°C in the evening and a harsh -34°C overnight. There is a risk of frostbite in these conditions.

Monday’s Outlook

Monday brings a mix of sun and cloud, with light winds continuing at speeds up to 15 km/h. The high for the day will be around -15°C, but the wind chill in the morning will be an extreme -36°C, improving slightly to -22°C in the afternoon. The risk of frostbite remains high.

Monday Night Weather

The night will be cloudy with a 30% chance of flurries and a low of -15°C.

Tuesday’s Conditions

Tuesday remains cloudy with a 60% chance of flurries and a high of -13°C. Nighttime will see cloudy periods with a 60% chance of flurries and a low of -25°C.


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Wardrobe Suggestions: In such extreme cold, it is essential to dress in multiple insulating layers. A heavy insulated parka, thermal underwear, insulated boots, mittens, and a hat are critical to prevent frostbite. Covering all exposed skin is vital in these temperatures, especially with the high risk of frostbite.

Whitesand and Armstrong Weather Trivia

The Whitesand and Armstrong regions are known for their extreme winter temperatures. In fact, Armstrong once recorded a temperature as low as -52°C in 1938, making it one of the coldest places in Ontario.

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